Prostate massage, also referred to as prostate milking or milking the prostate, is a practice done for both sexual stimulation and specific medical benefits. It can be done either externally or internally, but it is something you should not do unless you understand the process and how it works because if done incorrectly, you can damage the prostate. You should consult a health professional and take things slowly, if prostate massage is something you may be interested in.

Benefits of Prostate Massage



Overcome impotence

Defined as the inability to achieve an erection, impotence is a problem suffered by many men. Prostate massage stimulates the flow of seminal fluid and increases circulation that help to get over impotence.

Reduce prostate gland swelling

If the prostate gland is swollen, it can cause pain, discomfort and pressure builds every time you sit down. Prostate massage releases fluids, increases blood flow and eases swollen prostate gland.

Improve ejaculation

Prostate massage can increase the intensity of ejaculation, heightening sexual experience.

Increase urine flow

An enlarged prostate gland can interfere with normal urine flow. Releasing fluids and increasing circulation helps reduce swelling and improve urine flow.

Get a psychological high

Being in a position of getting a prostate massage makes a man feel vulnerable and this can provide a powerful mental high for some men.

How to Massage Prostate

There are a number of steps to do a proper prostate massage or prostate milking and you should not perform this without the guidance of a professional. The steps of a prostate massage include:

Before the prostate massage

  • Hygiene: The person receiving the massage should be thoroughly clean and the one giving the massage should wear a good pair of latex gloves to prevent infection and protect the delicate tissue of the anus.

  • Lubrication: Lubrication is necessary to protect the skin and provide for easier penetration. Besides, lubrication should be water-based.

  • Relaxation: Taking a hot shower beforehand can be very relaxing which is very important for carrying out this procedure smoothly.


Face-to-face prostate massage

  • Find a comfortable position: The receiver of the prostate massage should be seated comfortably in a reclining position with the knees pulled toward the chest and slightly outward.

  • Massage the lower body: Massaging the lower extremities and the abdomen will help the receiver relax and get prepared for the prostate massage.

  • Start with lubrication: Once relaxed, the giver of the massage should gently lubricate the anus with lengthy circular motions, stroking the opening.

  • Move inside gently and slowly: Slowly enter the anus with one finger, allowing the muscles to adjust and do not move the finger in and out unless there is a need for more lubrication.

  • Locate and massage the prostate: Once the finger has been inserted, gently crook the finger up and feel for a round protrusion approximately 2 inches inside the rectum and apply pressure. Varying pressure provides a number of different sensations for the receiver.

  • Move finger rhythmically and maintain eye contact: At this point the finger can be moved partially in and out with varying pressure to stimulate the nerve ending throughout the anus. The person giving the prostate massage should maintain steady eye contact with the one receiving the massage. And the one receiving the massage can masturbate or the giver can masturbate for him. On the other hand, the lobes of the prostate can be stimulated until semen has leaked out of the penis.


Facing-away prostate massage

For this massage, the receiver should face away from the one giving the massage in a kneeling position with knees apart, buttocks slightly elevated and elbows resting on a firm but comfortable surface. The one giving the massage can sit behind the receiver which allows them to see the anal area and gives access to the genitals. The same procedure as above is then followed.

Possible Dangers of Prostate Massage

If you want to have prostate massage, you'd better consult a professional before that because the prostate is a delicate organ that can be easily damaged. When you do prostate massage, be careful about the following situations:

  • If pressure during the massage is too vigorous, it can damage the nerves or cause a form of blood poisoning called septicemia.

  • A prostate massage done wrong can lead to problems with hemorrhoid problems such as periprostatic hemorrhage.

  • It can also lead to the spread of cancer cells in those with prostate cancer.


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