Moving house abroad may be a daunting task, but only if you make it so. You can easily reduce the worries that is the main cause for tension during relocations with a properly organised moving checklist. A good organisation will get you everywhere including on international ground and without you succumbing to the horror of cringing stress and nerve-wrecking anxiety. The relocation can be much, much simpler if only you put your mind into the set up and moving process instead of thinking about what you are losing by moving and the fear of culture shock and the unknown factor of what comes next. Here is how to ideally handle your moving checklist so that you don’t have to fear neither moving house in the next town nor moving abroad.

Prepare the Moving Checklist When Moving Abroad


2 Months Before the Move

This is the preparation period where all the packing ideas and researching of moving companies are in their embryo stage and you can start their development. Here is what you should do in this period:

  • Do the math to set a moving budget. You can’t go all out on the move and recklessly spend money, no matter the cost. You are moving abroad and you will need the money, so make sure you will have some after the relocation is complete.

  • Set an exact date for the move.

  • Browse through the moving companies. Ask around to get recommendations. Gather as much information about moving companies as you can before you settle on one. It would be ideal to keep track of what you have researched and what you get as offers: prices, work teams, insurance, etc.

  • Inform relatives, friends, doctors, vets, employers, and the rest about the move and when you are expected to relocate.

  • Start gathering moving supplies: cardboard boxes, newspaper, bubble-wrap, etc.


1 Month Before the Move

With the approaching of the moving date, you should be near the end of planning preparations and about to start doing them.

  • Settle on a moving company if you already haven’t. This is the time to inform them about the date of the move. Check if they have any restrictions about items and whether there are any items they can’t move.

  • Start the packing. Don’t pack everything, just pack rarely or never used things, such as decorations and most of the content in your cupboard, cellar or attic.

  • Depending on what is required in the target country, fill out a change of address form.

  • Make sure everything is in order with your visa (or visas), and definitely make sure you have a visa.

  • Schedule the cancellation of your current services with the service providers – electricity, phone, internet, cable TV, etc.

  • Make sure your new house or flat is ready for you.

  • Make arrangements for temporary storage if you will need it.

  • Have a yard or garage sale for all the items you are not planning on taking with you. Every bit of profit will count, so make sure you have the most.


1-2 Weeks Before the Move

This is where the packing intensifies and you mostly focus on packing.

  • Make an inventory checklist for all your items and send it to the removal company to make sure they can move everything through customs.

  • Pack your nonessentials, such as clothes you rarely wear, sheets, etc.

  • Start packing essentials as well when you enter the 1 week deadline.

  • Make sure you have returned all rented items.

  • Call your removal company and confirm the date of the move again.

  • Do any end of lease cleaning if required to get your deposit cheque back.

  • Make preparations for installation of services in your new location.



And with this all you have to do is wait for moving day to come. Once the removal van or vans show up in the driveway, you can say your goodbyes with neighbours and the old home and start helping the movers to load. The trip of your lifetime awaits you.

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