Potatoes on the grill can be the ideal grilled vegetable. You can grill them while you make something else and they are forgiving enough where you don’t have to watch them carefully. You will find multiple methods of grilling potatoes, slice them, bake them whole, or get something creative. The following guidelines can serve as inspiration. 



Slice Potatoes Before Grilling

If you want to grill potatoes, try to start off with slices thick enough to prevent falling down into the fire, but thin enough where they are cooked fairly quickly. You can make potato wedges by cutting your potatoes lengthwise in half and then further dividing each half into four or eight long and thin wedges. These won’t fall past the grate if you place them in a perpendicular arrangement correctly. You can also cut slices, which are ideally around ¼ inch thick. 


Par-Cook Potatoes Before Grilling

Want to shorten the time potatoed on the grill?  Parboil them before grilling. Slice the potatoes and boil them for around ten minutes. Then drain the potatoes, putting them on a medium hot grill for five to ten minutes to cook. Be sure to drain the potatoes well and add seasonings before you put them on the grill. 


Potatoes Straight off the Grill

As long as you cut your potato wedges or slices, you can easily grill them. Wedges tend to cook faster and you can leave the skins on or take them off. After chopping the potatoes, mix them in oil and seasoning, such as Italian dressing. Put them either right on your grill or in your grill basket with medium heat until they are soft, which will take about twenty minutes. You can also baste the potatoes while cooking them, but remember to flip them partway. 


Wrap Potatoes in Foil to Grill

Perhaps the easiest and yummiest method of grilling potatoes is to toss them with the same ingredients you would add to roasted potatoes and then wrap them up in foil tightly. Put the foil right on the grate over the heat, cover your grill, and let the potatoes cook 40 minutes.

The potatoes will be steamed into a moist, firm texture. Try adding in peppers, onions and garlic and enjoy the charred edges of the potatoes. You can also mix sprinkle sliced mushrooms, red and green bell pepper, onion as well as paprika, vegetable flakes, salt and pepper with potatoes. Seal the edges with folds, poke holes and cook your potatoes for twenty to thirty minutes until they are tender.

Tips for Wrapping Potatoes to Grill

Before you wrap up your potatoes in the foil, spread them out to ensure that the pile is even thick with a half inch deep all around. In this way, the potatoes are more likely to get close to the fire’s heat and cook evenly. 

Mound up your coals, so they remain about five to six inches under the grate’s center.

Put the package of potatoes on top of the hottest area of the grill. 

You’ll flip the potatoes at twenty minutes and hopefully the bottom ones in the package will just be starting to char at this point.

Completely cover your grill with the bottom and top vents open, as this will have the potatoes bake in an atmosphere like an oven.

If you cook your foil-wrapped potatoes using a gas grill, you need to cook them for a longer time or turn up the heat.

If it is the first time you cook potatoes on the grill in foil, start off with shorter cooking times, then check your potatoes. Use tongs to unwrap the foil and put them back on the grill if necessary.

If you check the potatoes and they are charred on the outside, but not ready in the center, simply place them back on the grill, but far away from the coals. Be sure to cover the grill again. 


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