By connecting with Planned Parenthood, you will be able to get information that you can trust. They offer honest relationship and sexuality information online and in classrooms to fix issues such as sexually transmitted infections and ever-increased rates of teen pregnancies. They now have more than 8 million supporters, activists, and donors nationwide, with activists working in all 50 states to protect women's rights and spread health information. The organization also works with local partners in Latin American and Africa to overcome barriers such as a lack of basic services, poverty, etc., that deny people an access to vital sexual and reproductive healthcare.

What Is Planned Parenthood Appointment?

Planned Parenthood plays a variety of roles in the society – they are a passionate advocate, they are a healthcare provider, they are an informed educator, and they are a global partner helping different organizations in the same line grow. For more than 100 years now, they've been delivering important sex education and healthcare information to men, women, and young people around the world. They are the most trusted provider of reproductive healthcare in the United States today with skilled professionals who help individuals make informed decisions about sex, health, and family planning. They manage over 700 health centers nationwide and make it easier for you to get a Planned Parenthood appointment.

Many people still don't know much about certain things related to Planned Parenthood. They want to know how it can help. They also have questions like, "Can Planned Parenthood make appointment anytime at all?" or "Does Planned Parenthood take walk-ins as well?" Just keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more.

How to Make a Planned Parenthood Appointment?

It is true that Planned Parenthood make appointment an easy task, but you need to have basic information to handle everything properly. Here's how you can make a Planned Parenthood appointment.

Planned Parenthood – Make Appointment by Phone

For all medically urgent questions you can make an appointment quickly by phone. You will first need to go online to their website to find the most suitable health locator. You can simply call the toll-free number (1-800-230-PLAN or 1-800-230-7526) to find the nearest Planned Parenthood healthcare center to set an appointment.


Planned Parenthood – Make Appointment Online

Here are the steps to follow to make a Planned Parenthood appointment online:

  • Step I: Click the "Find a Health Center" and enter your Zip Code. Click "Go".

  • Step II: The next page will show you the centers closest to your location with available appointments for the next week.

  • Step III: Mention your reason to visit and select a time and date.

  • Step IV: Enter your payment method on the next page that will take you to the DocASAP website. Enter your email address as well. That's it!

Planned Parenthood FAQs

It is obvious to have questions about Planned Parenthood appointments, but many people have other questions too, such as "Does Planned Parenthood take walk-ins?" Here are some of the most common questions with answers:

Does Planned Parenthood take walk-ins?

Yes, they do have walk-in centers available where you can go without an appointment. They see patients as per the order of appearance. Their Albany Health Center is a walk-in clinic, but that's on Thursday afternoons for teens only – you can also come on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but you have to be between 8:30am to 1:00pm. The same center takes walk-ins on Saturday mornings especially for pregnancy testing. The Hudson Health center also takes walk-ins on Thursday, whereas Troy Health Center offers walk-in services on Tuesday and Fridays.


Where can I find info about sex and health, especially about sexually transmitted diseases?

They have a number of options available. For starters, you can take advantage of their ICYC (In Case You're Curious) text-line, especially designed for teens with certain questions about their sexual health. You will receive a reply from an expert health educator within 24 hours. The best thing is that the service costs you nothing and keeps everything confidential. There is also a health info section available on their website where you can find several frequently asked questions regarding sexually transmitted diseases and everything else. Only the real health professionals answer all those questions, so you can trust their advice without any second thought.


Will my parents be notified of my visit to the UHPP health centers in Troy, Albany, or Hudson?

No, you don't have to worry about this. The reason is that under New York State law, minors can receive confidential services after giving informed consent. They don't require parental consent in this case. However, it is worth mentioning that UHPP encourages minors to discuss it with one of their parents or have a responsible adult with them when making important decisions regarding their sexual health or issues related to unintended pregnancies. What it means is that it is better to have a responsible adult with you, but it's not necessary. Whatever the choice, you really don't have to worry about your confidentiality. Just be sure to mention your concerns about confidentiality when discussing it with one of their staff members.


Is it important to make an appointment even if I only need some condoms and birth control?

No, you don't need a Planned Parenthood appointment to pick condoms or birth control. You will get it free of charge, but you need to visit during the working hours. It is also possible to pick birth control up at different UHPP's centers if you already have a birth control prescription issued by them. If you haven't yet received a birth control prescription, it is important that you first come for a birth control discussion session, which requires appointment. You will also need an appointment if you want a full exam before using any birth control option.


Is there anything special I need to do before my visit?

It is a good idea to spend some time on their website before you visit one of their health centers. You may want to learn a bit about various birth control options, family planning options, and your privacy rights before you schedule an appointment and meet someone in person.

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