When choosing the right name for your little boy, it can be tempting to go with something grand and prestigious. But many parents have found that simple, one syllable boy names are the way to go. These easy names make it tough for other kids to come up with negative nicknames for them. It also makes it easier to pronounce the name, and certainly easier to spell.

As a bonus, those who have a religious bent might be happy to know that most names in the bible are one-syllable names. Job, John, Paul, Mark, Luke – all of these are biblical names that have a single syllable and are very easy to pronounce. Short and sweet names are also easier to write, which makes life nice for your little one as he starts school. And if he wants to choose a nickname for himself, these easy names mean that he can come up with all sorts of variations, none of which will be easily made fun of by their peers.

List of Best One Syllable Boy Names

Good for either a first name or a middle name, these one syllable boy names are a great way to start out your child’s life with the best name possible.


This name derives from the Hebrew, meaning “Jesus is gracious.” The name has long been a popular one, as seen by the millions of people who have been named “John” through the ages. In fact, look into any family tree and you are likely to find a “John” somewhere. Even today, it ranks as one of the top 100 most popular names on many lists. 



From the Greek meaning “from Luciana,” this name originally denoted someone from Italy. In the Bible, Luke was a doctor who traveled with Saint Paul, and soon the name became a well-known moniker for boys. It fell out of favor a few centuries again, but has made a strong comeback in the last several decades. 



This name came from middle English, and meant to denote a huntsman – a man who relishes the chase. The name has become very popular in the United States, and is often noted in England, Canada and Australia as well. 



This was actually a slang word for man, and then became seen as a derivative of John. Today, it is seen as a name that stands on its own, a strong and proud one that brings to mind a strong, independent person. 



This name from the Spanish is the modern form of Johannes, or yet another derivative of John. It is most often noted as the name of Don Juan, a character from Spanish legend, said to be the greatest lover of all time. 



This is an old English name that hasn’t seen much use as a first name, but is very popular as a middle name, probably because it goes well with almost any other first name. Cole is a derivative of Cola or Charcoal, which was a slang name given to someone with dark features. 



This is from the German and the English, but the name can also find roots in Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish descent. It is popular all over the world and has a connotation of wealth and prestige, especially when used as the short form of Maximilian. 



Derived from the Norse for “ruler,” this name originally came from a man who was considered a great traveler, adventurer and ruler. In fact, Eric the Red was one of the first bearers of the name, and was also the name of several kings throughout hist



This is a Biblical name; Joel was one of the twelve prophets of the Old Testament, and the author of the book of Joel. It comes from the Hebrew meaning “Yahweh is God.” The name is extremely popular in Finland and Spain. 



This name is from the Gaelic, meaning cool. It also stands for channels, narrows, or strait – all things related to waterways. The name can also be written as Chile, or as the feminine “Kyla.” 



This name is originally from the Irish, and has been used for centuries as a first or middle name. The name goes well with almost anything, stands strong on its own, and has a connotation of someone who is smart and witty. 



This is a Scottish or English surname that means “grand” or “large.” The most famous use of the name in the United States was as that of surname for Ulysses S. Grant, a famous commander and president. Today the name is given to a child when the parents want to promote the idea of strength, wealth and power. 



 From the English, this is a variant of Judas. Jude is used in many versions of the New Testament to denote the second aspostle named Judas, and differentiate him from Judas Isacriot. The name has been very common since the Protestant Reformation. 



A Roman family name, it means “small” or “humble.” It is also a Biblical name, referring to Saint Paul. In fact, the name was commonly given to religious leaders. The original Hebrew version of the name is “Saul.” 



This masculine name has fallen out of favor since the 50s and 60s, when the popular actor James Dean drove many mothers to name their children after his wild, sexy ways. The name also has the variant of Dene and works well as either a first, middle or surname. 



A variant of Samuel, this name has been popular in all cultures for centuries. In Old English, and in the Tolkien world, “Samwise” means “half wise” – so arguably, “Sam” could mean “half.” Parents often name their child “Samuel” and shorten it to Sam for day-to-day use. 



This short form of Joseph is a Biblical name, denoting the meek yet powerful Joseph who became the father of Jesus. This name is common in every language and typically has a version in each country that has been popular with mothers for many centuries. 



From the Old English and the Welsh, this name derives from “battle” or “war.” It was typically used by Catholics until the 1960s, when it became much more popular among those of all religions. 



This comes from a Dutch surname and means “advice or counsel.” The most common version of this name comes from the deep south, where many mothers named their children after Rhett Butler in the popular book ‘Gone with the Wind.’ 

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