Skin rashes can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. One type of skin rash may actually be a fungal infection which includes ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot. Onabet cream is one of the anti-fungal creams used to treat fungal or yeast infections on the skin. It contains sertoconazole, a member of the “azole” family of medications that can eradicate and prevent these types of rashes.

This is a prescription cream. If you have signs of rash on your skin, make an appointment with your doctor to have it evaluated. Fungal rashes can be diagnosed with a physical examination and sometimes skin scrapings that are evaluated in a laboratory.

This article will help you understand fungal infections of the skin and how to use Onabet cream.

What Is Onabet Cream Used For?

Onabet cream is an anti-fungal cream that contains sertaconazole. These type of creams prevent the fungus known as dermatophytes from growing. This is most common in people with compromised immune systems and often referred to as tinea. Tinea is the cause of ringworm on the skin, athlete’s foot, and tinea in the groin area (jock itch). Tinea can also affect the scalp area and is one of the causes of dandruff.

The symptoms of fungal infection on the skin include redness, itching, inflammation, cracks, peeling skin, and a yeasty odor. The infection can be painful and when severe, can break out into lesions. The sooner Onabet cream is started, complications can be prevented. If itching is severe, doctors can prescribe Onabet b that contains beclometasone, a steroid that relieves itching and inflammation.

How Does Onabet Cream Work?

The medication stops the fungal cells from synthesizing ergosterol, part of their cell membranes. When the ergosterol can no longer function, the insides of the fungal cell leak though the walls and they die off. Sertaconazole also causes the cell walls to develop holes or pores that cause the inside to leak out.

When the fungal cell wall is no longer able to protect it, the fungus is unable to reproduce and spread. Symptoms of pain and itching usually resolve quickly. The rash usually takes the full treatment period to completely disappear.

How to Use Onabet Cream


Onabet cream is easy to use and should be made a part of your daily routine. Make sure your skin is clean and thoroughly dry. Rub a thin layer of Onabet cream onto the affected parts of your skin and rub into your skin until it is not greasy. You will notice a faster effect from the cream if you use a defoliator or skin scrub prior to use.

Frequency and duration

Your doctor will most likely have you use the cream either once a day if you have a mild infection or two times a day if you have a more severe infection. The cream is often used from two weeks to up to four weeks to complete the treatment. Make sure you use the cream for as long as your doctor recommends and that you are completely symptom-free before you discontinue use. For some people, this can be as long as six to eight weeks.

After you have applied Onabet cream, make sure you wash your hands and do not touch your eyes or other parts of your skin until your hands are clean.

Precautions and Side Effects

Most people do not experience any side-effects from using anti-fungal creams. There have been a few reported side-effects that are skin related including redness, burning, pain, swelling, and irritation. If this happens, contact your doctor to let them know.

Onabet cream or Onabet b cream are not recommended in these cases:

  • Allergic to anti-fungals in the “azole” family

  • Allergic to inactive ingredients--Benzyl alcohol is used to preserve the cream

  • Children under 12 years of age

  • Pregnancy

  • Breastfeeding

Helpful Tips For Fungal Infections

If you are suffering from a rash on your skin, see your doctor to see what is causing the rash and how to treat it. A few things you need to look at with fungal rashes are:

Know what fungus you have

In order to use the right anti-fungal cream to get rid of the infection, you need to know the type of fungus. Your doctor can identify most common ones by sight, but can also do a “skin scraping” to further evaluate which cream will work best. The good news is Onabet is a broad spectrum anti-fungal and can treat most fungus types.


Treat any underlying causes

Fungal infections are usually a result of an underlying issue with the immune system not being able to keep the yeast under control. This is common with Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, people on immunosuppressant medications or autoimmune disorders. Treating the fungal infection will be more successful if the underlying conditions are brought under control.


Practice good hygiene

Fungal infections like warm and moist areas. Make sure you dry your skin thoroughly after showering and swimming. Wear flip-flops in public showers or pool areas and do not share towels with others. Wear light cotton clothing in the summer to prevent excess perspiration.


Try over-the-counter remedies

There are remedies you can try at home that can be effective in preventing yeast infections on the skin. Tea tree oil is a powerful natural anti-fungal. You can also try taking probiotics with meals daily to help balance the good bacteria in your body.


Understand prescribing information

Use Onabet cream exactly as directed by your doctor and read the full prescribing information before you use the cream. Prescription anti-fungal creams are different from the ones you buy over-the-counter and need to be used more often, for longer periods, and until the rash completely clears. Not using the cream right can cause the fungus to become resistant to treatment.


Tell your doctor if the cream does not work

If you finish your treatment and are still suffering from fungal infection, let your doctor know.


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