Carpets may look similar but their performance abilities are different, with some lasting longer, looking better and preventing stains more than others. You don’t want to have to replace your carpet as often, or deal with color fading or stains as much, so choose a product that offers you more for your money. That will depend upon whether you plan to install your carpet in a room used often or one rarely frequented.

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Nylon carpet offers more variety in color than polyester carpeting, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute website located in Dalton, Georgia, which, according to the Dalton Convention and Visitor's Bureau is known as the "Carpet Capital of the World." Polyester carpeting, on the other hand, offers brighter colors and will not lose its color as easily. Nylon carpet that has been solution dyed -- yarn that was colored during the extrusion process, before a backing was put on it -- has exceptional colorfastness compared to products dyed after tufting yarn and fibers together.



Nylon carpets are more durable than polyester products. This is because nylon fibers are stronger and have more resiliency than the less expensive alternative polyester. Home rooms that receive heavy foot traffic should put down nylon carpet instead of polyester, if cost is not an issue, since nylon products tend to have longer lifetime wear.


Stain Resistance

Choose polyester carpeting over nylon if stain resistance is your main concern, because polyester carpeting products offer the best resistance to stains. Polyester fiber -- known as P.E.T. -- are pellets of plastic melted into a fibrous material used to create carpet. These plastic particles are colored during the carpet manufacturing process, sealing in the color and preventing other colors from being absorbed as easily from spills on your floors. This is also why polyester carpet trumps nylon in fade resistance as well. For those satisfied with stain resistance almost as good, nylon is your next best alternative, which is especially true if solution dyed, since it will hold the original carpet color better than if not solution dyed.


Texture Retention

Texture retention describes how well your carpet will hold up under heavy foot traffic and use. Nylon carpeting holds up better under these conditions than polyester, helping you keep that cushioned thick feeling for higher ounce weight flooring products. Use nylon carpet for your rooms in the home that will be frequently visited or that will incur more dirt and grime from shoes.


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