Here I list some good new perennials of 2015. Read on to find you favorite ones.

Part 1


Echibeckia 'Summerina'

A breakthrough in plant breeding, 'Summerina' echibeckia is actually a cross between rudbeckia and echinacea, showcasing the best qualities of both parents. It has bold, upward facing, daisylike flowers that are produced on hardy plants that grow bigger and better each year. 'Summerina' is available in three different color varieties 'Summerina Orange', 'Summerina Yellow', and 'Summerina Brown'.

Plant Name: Echibeckia 'Summerina'

Growing Conditions: partial sun

Size: 18-20 inches tall, 15 inches wide

Zone: 6-9

Grow it with: Mix all three colors together.


Echinacea Double Scoop 'Mandarin'

When they were first introduced, double-flowering coneflowers weren't always as hardy as their single-flowering cousins. But all that's changed with the newest member of the Double Scoop series, 'Mandarin.' This rugged perennial will overwinter as far north as Zone 4, producing quantities of bright orange double flowers throughout the summer. Plus, 'Mandarin' has a stocky growth habit and won't topple after a heavy storm.

Plant Name: Echinacea Double Scoop 'Mandarin'

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 20-24 inches tall and wide

Zone: 4-9

Grow it with: echinacea Double Scoop 'Cranberry' or 'Raspberry'


Lobelia 'Black Truffle'

Hummingbirds will flock to your garden when you grow 'Black Truffle' lobelia. This gorgeous perennial combines rich, dark maroon foliage with iridescent spikes of bright red, nectar-rich flowers. Commonly called cardinal flower, perennial lobelia thrives in moist soil so it excels in bog or rain gardens. The dark leaves of 'Black Truffle' keep it colorful before and after the flowers appear in August and September.

Name: Lobelia cardinalis 'Black Truffle'

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 3-4 feet tall, 2-3 feet wide

Zone: 3-8

Grow it with: buddleia or hardy hibiscus


Anemone Fantasy 'Pocahontas'

Add a burst of late-summer color to your garden with 'Pocahontas' anemone. This vigorous new variety produces armloads of double, bubblegum pink flowers from midsummer to fall. And, unlike older, taller varieties of anemone, 'Pocahontas' has stocky, compact stems that won't flop over on their neighbors. Use it in the front of the border or in containers for best effect.

Name: Anemone Fantasy 'Pocahontas'

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 12-18 inches tall, 18-24 inches wide

Zone: 5-8

Grow it with: aster or dwarf Joe Pye weed


Lavender 'Bright Luxurious'

Enjoy color and fragrance in beds, borders, and containers with 'Bright Luxurious' lavender. A reblooming Spanish lavender, 'Bright Luxurious' produces pale lavender flowers with small flaglike petals on the top of each bloom. It has bright green leaves and all parts of the plant are scented, especially when brushed or rubbed. 'Bright Luxurious' is a dense, compact variety that blooms all summer long.

Name: Lavandula stoechas 'Bright Luxurious'

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 10-12 inches tall, 8 inches wide

Zone: 6-9

Grow it with: silver thyme or golden oregano


Echinacea Butterfly 'Orange Skipper'

The eye-popping tangerine flowers of 'Orange Skipper' echinacea are named after a popular butterfly of the same color. So it's probably no surprise that its nectar-rich blooms will also attract clouds of hungry butterflies to your garden. 'Orange Skipper' is a sturdy, compact variety that develops a seemingly endless supply of single flowers that work as well in the vase as they do in the garden.

Plant Name: Echinacea Butterfly 'Orange Skipper'

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 15-18 inches tall, 18-24 inches wide

Zone: 5-9

Grow it with: campanula or monarda


Salvia 'Blue Marvel'

Prized for its deep blue flower spikes, perennial salvia has played a starring role in flower borders for generations. Trouble is, many older forms of this reliable perennial bloom heavily in the spring and then just sit there the rest of the season. Not so with 'Blue Marvel' salvia; this overachiever develops waves of oversize, bright blue blooms from spring to fall. It's an exciting new compact variety that makes a great edging or container plant.

Plant Name: Salvia nemorosa 'Blue Marvel'

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 10-12 inches tall and wide

Zone: 4-9

Grow it with: dwarf coreopsis or Artemisia


Gaura 'Little Janie'

Masses of bicolor, pink-and-white flowers held aloft over dark green foliage make 'Little Janie' gaura a top pick for borders or containers. 'Little Janie' is a compact variety, growing just 18 inches tall, that's awash in color all summer long. This vigorous newcomer is also highly attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. In the North, 'Little Janie' should be treated as an easy-care annual.

Plant Name: Gaura lindheimeri 'Little Janie'

Growing Conditions: full sun

Size: 16-18 inches tall, 10 inches wide

Zone: 6-9

Grow it with: agastache or dwarf buddleia


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