Control horse flies naturally by keeping stalls clean, using homemade fly repellents and keeping horses on a regular de-worming schedule. Horse flies and other types of flies are inherently attracted to manure and urine. By regularly clearing manure and cleaning stalls, the amount of horse flies present decreases, and the air quality in horse stalls and barns is improved.

Part 1

Create a natural fly repellent to spray on horses using common ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, vodka and lavender, citronella, and eucalyptus essential oils. Use a trusted recipe and place the contents in a spray bottle for easy application. Spray the homemade fly repellent on horses several times per day to prevent infestation.

A regular de-worming schedule can help to fight horse flies as well. There are both organic and conventional de-worming products that can help cut down on horse flies. Speak with a veterinarian to determine a suitable schedule based on individual needs and situations.

Muscovy ducks are also an alternative way to treat excessive flies and horse flies in a barn. These ducks eat bugs and can easily catch their fare share in a day. Use muscovy ducks in a barn to keep the fly population low and, as a bonus, they eat mice to keep the rodent population in check as well.


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