Contrary to common delusions, natural appetite suppressants do actually work, and their inclusion in your daily routine can help you to follow your structured diet plans in a more effective manner. People might have to follow a specific diet plan, which might be associated with weight-loss management, or for maintaining a specific body consistency in patients suffering from syndromes like diabetes, etc.

Hence, natural appetite suppressants are now being acknowledged more extensively by people, as a perfect strategy to maintain appetite levels without compromising on structured diet plans. In addition, the natural adherence in such appetite suppressants tends to be absolutely harmless for the human body, which are completely free from artificial ingredients and chemicals.

10 Best Natural Appetite Suppressants


Low Calorie Green Leafy Vegetables

The consumption of green leafy vegetables including lettuce, bokchoy, cabbage, etc. is regarded as one of the best sources of natural appetite suppressants. These antioxidation-rich foods provide a freshness to your nerves and calm your appetite at the same time. Recent studies have established that, “Drinking vegetable juice before a meal can help you take in less calories overall. If you’re not into veggie juice, the same can be said for vegetable broth or any clear soup, just make sure they’re low in sodium so you don’t end up retaining water.”


Foods with High Fiber Content

Fruits and vegetables that are enriched with fiber components are also the other beneficial source of natural appetite suppressants. Natural fiber tends to turn into a gel-like substance, when mixed with water that is present in the stomach. This gel-like substance of soluble fiber can act as a way of slowing down the digestion process. In turn, your stomach may not get empty quickly, creating an overall fullness. This fullness will make you consume less food, and consequently help in controlling your weight. Foods rich in soluble natural fiber are flax seeds, beans, apples, oranges, oats, oatmeal, cucumbers, carrots, etc.


Water: One of the Best Appetite Suppressants

Water has been observed to reduce appetite, especially once people drink it before meals. When you first start feeling hungry, and you drink about 8 ounces of water before consumption of any food, you will instantly notice that your appetite has reduced or almost diminished within 10 minutes time. Therefore, it is recommended that people should make a habit of drinking a full glass of water, especially before meals, so that they don’t end up in overindulging. This is mostly true for people who are trying to control their weight.


Pine Nuts and Almonds

Pine nuts are observed to be enriched with arrays of protein and it also constitutes of pinolenic acid, which makes the perfect combination of taking on an efficient role of natural appetite suppressants. It is also believed that the oil extracted from pine nut can reduce appetite up to 60 percent for a time span of 4 hours.

Almonds are rich in vitamin E and magnesium. It also serves the purpose of an antioxidant agent. Research has proven the ability of almonds in creating the feeling of fullness for suppressing appetite and its inclusion is highly regarded for people who have adopted a weight-loss oriented diet.


Spices and Ginger

It has been observed that foods which contain a luxurious amount of spices, tend to create the sense of fullness in the stomach and suppress overall appetite in people. According to a recent study, people who had spiced tomato soup before their meal, consumed around 60 calories less than those who has non-spiced tomato soup. Spices also contribute in speeding up the metabolism process.

Ginger has been regarded as one the best food component in exhilarating the digestion process of the body. Yet, it works as an appetite suppressing agent as well. It can be added in your diet in the form of ginger tea, Indian-styled cousins, or even ginger smoothies.


Enriching Oatmeal Breakfast

Oatmeal is enriched with fiber content, hence it is an obvious source of appetite suppressants. Oatmeal breakfast is the perfect way of boosting your metabolism, keeping bowel movements synchronized, and calming down appetite. At the same time, it is regarded as one of the vigorous kind of breakfast for all age brackets.


Wonders of Chia Seeds and Flaxseeds

Chia seeds and flaxseeds are the starring food components that need to be included in your daily diet, if you are working on controlling weight and maintaining balanced appetite levels. Chia seeds are rich in fiber, which while flax seeds have omega-6 fatty acids, both of which serve as a highly regarded appetite suppressing agents.


Using Natural Pickles

While choosing pickles to include them in your diet as natural appetite suppressants, make sure you are not purchasing those which are artificially colored and flavored. Since they might contribute in raising calorie levels. The best kinds of pickles are the ones which are made from entirely natural ingredients.


Instant Banana Pudding

The instant banana pudding serves as a good source of relinquishing appetite and creating a sense of fullness. In addition, it has an appealing taste. To make this pudding you need to first blend soy milk with scoops of banana-flavored, unsweetened soy-protein powder. You can also add guar gum powder and xanthan gum powder, while blending the mixture, for an adequately thick consistency. Once this pudding-like consistency is achieved, it means that your pudding is ready. You can pour it in the bowl and calm your appetite by consuming it within meals.


Other Natural Appetite Suppressing Foods

The best strategy for suppressing appetite is to include a variety of appetite suppressing food components in your daily diets, especially before meals and within meal times. The most common sources include avocado, mint, sweet potatoes, tofu, salad vegetable soup, etc.


Pros and Cons of Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeinated drinks and coffees are a ruling source of suppressing appetite. They help you with eating snacks between meals by reducing your appetite level. The bottom line: Be cautious about using caffeine products to help with weight loss. When used in moderation (400 milligrams or less) by healthy adults, caffeine is generally safe. But too much caffeine might cause nervousness, insomnia, nausea, increased blood pressure and other problems.

Also keep in mind that some caffeinated beverages, such as specialty coffees, are high in calories and fat. So instead of losing weight, you might actually gain weight if you drink too many of these.


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