The size of your breasts will change throughout your lifetime. It will increase during puberty initially, but you may again notice your boobs becoming bigger during pregnancy or due to weight gain. The change in the size of your breasts isn't harmful in most cases, but it still makes many women ask, "Why are my boobs getting bigger?" The increase in size may sometimes cause image-related issues for women. It is therefore important to understand exactly what causes your breasts to get bigger and if this increase is perfectly normal in your case or not. So, if you always say to yourself, "hey, my boobs are getting bigger", you should read on to find out exactly what's going on in your body.

My Boobs Are Getting Bigger, Why?

Why are my boobs getting bigger? Many women ask this question, and here are some factors that may contribute to the change in your breast size.


It is hard to forget your first training bra, isn't it? A surge of estrogen is what makes you notice all sorts of changes in your body during puberty. The change in your boobs will usually be the first sign of puberty – it starts with a small breast bud and then your nipple and areola grow larger with a change in the color of your nipples. The process doesn't take place overnight, but usually takes several years. You're more likely to witness your first period after about two and a half years when your breast starts developing.



There will be an increased blood flow to your breasts due to an increase in progesterone and estrogen levels after ovulation. This will often make your boobs look bigger – you will notice a change in their nodularity, fullness, and tenderness. Your breast size may increase before menstruation because of water retention. You may even notice something unusual in your breast during menstruation, but you need to see your doctor if it doesn't go away after your menstrual cycle.



If you say "My boobs are getting bigger" while you're pregnant, there's nothing really to worry about. Due to several hormonal changes during pregnancy, the blood flow to your breast tissues will increase and make your boobs look swollen. They will also feel tingly and sore. The change in size will become more prominent after you're 8 weeks pregnant, but your breasts will keep growing bigger throughout your pregnancy.


Weight Gain

Many women ask, "Can breasts grow after 30?" The answer is yes, especially when you gain more weight as you grow old. Your breasts are a combination of breast tissue, ducts, lobules and fat tissue. It means your breasts will get bigger when you gain more weight. It also explains why you will notice your boobs shrink when you lose weight. Although we have known the answer to "Can breasts grow after 30?" you need to understand that the change will be different for different women. Some women already have denser breasts with more breast tissue than fatty tissue, so they are not going to see a lot of change in breast size when they gain weight.



Your breast size will change a bit during sex. The reason is that your blood pressure and heart rate will increase during foreplay, which in turn will make your breasts look swollen with your veins becoming more prominent. Your nipples will become erect too and the area around your nipples will expand a bit.



If you always keep thinking, "My boobs are getting bigger", you may want to consider if you're on contraceptives or not. Birth control pills contain estrogen. In fact, the doses were quite high when the pills were first invented, which made women to walk around with huge boobs. Thankfully, the pills no longer use that much of estrogen, but they may still have an effect on the size of your boobs. So if you're noticing a little boost in your boobs while using contraceptive pills, that's perfectly fine.


Benign Breast Lumps

You should panic after you notice a change in your breast size, but it is important to discuss it with your doctor right away. It becomes even important when you notice any breast lumps. The good thing is that 80% of all breast lumps are benign and don't usually require any treatment unless you feel pain. Some breast lumps, such as breast cysts, fibro adenomas and fat necrosis usually improve over time, but you need to notify your doctor if you notice any change in those lumps.

Other Q&A About the Size and Shape Changes of Breast


How Can Menopause Affect Your Breast?

Your body will witness several hormonal changes after menopause, including breast changes. With a change in hormonal levels, your breasts may have less glandular and more fatty tissue, which will make your breasts look bigger. Your breasts may lose their rounded shape – they will sag a bit as well.


Will Exercise Affect Your Breast?

You will notice growth or atrophy in different muscle groups due to increase or decrease in exercise. The size of your lats and pecs will have an impact on your breast shape and band size, so you may want to change your exercise regimen if you've recently started noticing your boobs getting bigger.


How About Breastfeeding?

You may notice a change in your breasts while breastfeeding when a milk duct becomes blocked. This usually happens in a condition called mastitis in which your breasts will feel warm and lumpy and may look red and tender as well. You may have to take antibiotics because it usually happens due to an infection. You may even notice a change in your breast size due to your mammary glands that produce milk – this happens due to an increase of hormone prolactin. So many things can stimulate prolactin, like talking about your baby or hearing a baby cry (even if it's not yours).


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