Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. Beauty may be defined subjectively but real beauty lies within. There are those women whom we can easily say they have a beautiful face and body because they are real showstoppers, and there are those that, aside from their external beauty, their personalities and achievements have given a strong impact in our society. In this article, we list 10 women who truly left a mark in the world history.

Most Beautiful Woman in History


Joan of Arc

Known not only for her beauty but also for her bravery and kindness, Joan of Arc is a hero and a saint from France. Born to a peasant family, Joan of Arc was highly skilled in using the sword, helped recover France from English domination in the Hundred Years' War and led to the coronation of Charles VII. But sadly, she was captured by Burgundian faction, an ally of English, and later burnt to death. After France was freed from English completely, Joan of Arc was declared as a martyr and remembered as a great heroine.



In the Bible, specifically in the books of Mark 6:21-29 and Matthew 14:6-11, Salome is known to be a good dancer of the “Dance of the Seven Veils” and for bringing back the head of John the Baptist after his execution. She was the daughter of Herod II and Herodias. She may not have the prettiest face but she is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in history because of her enchanting dance.


Lady Godiva

She was the lovely and generous wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia. She was known for the charities she supported and for giving out big donations to the needy. Here is one story of her strong will to help those in need. 

One day, Godiva asked her husband Leofric to lower the taxes he imposed on the people of Coventry. Her husband agreed but only in one condition -- that she would be going around the whole town of Coventry in a horse without any clothes. She immediately did what her husband asked her to do because she was determined to help the people, but she instructed all townsmen not to go outside their house and not to peek while she was going around. But one man named Tom did not follow Lady Godiva’s orders and peeked into his window, then his eyes were struck blind. Her husband Leofric lowered the taxes of the people after Godiva did this. 

There are some historians that say Godiva going around naked is unreal but one thing is for sure, she is considered as the most beautiful woman in history. She and her husband were the ones who established the Benedictine monastery in Coventry.



She was a headstrong woman from India who was known for her one in a million beauty. She was the daughter of King Jaichand of Kannauj and the wife of Prithviraj Chauhan who was the Rajput King of their clan. The social status of Prithviraj made Samyukta fall for him, and, in return, he also fell in love with her because of her beauty.



Guinevere was the wife of the well-known King Arthur of Britain and the daughter of King Leodegrance. Her beauty may be legendary but it was also the reason why her life took a tragic turn. She also had a love affair with Sir Lancelot, her husband’s bravest chief knight. However, there are no evidences that Queen Guinevere truly existed.



Phryne was a lovely courtesan from Greece. She was called Phryne which means “toad” because of her yellow skin color. A popular story about her is when she bared her breasts during a trial charged against her to get the jury’s sympathy. Until today, she is still considered as the most beautiful woman in history and this can be proven in those statues and paintings dedicated to her.



Along with Cleopatra, Queen Neferiti was one of Egypt’s most beautiful queens. Rumors from the 14th century BC say that she lived up to her name’s meaning which is “the beauty has come”. There is no exact date when she married to the king of Egypt and no information about how she was as a mother. In the year 1913, her painted sandstone bust was recovered which became an international symbol of feminine beauty and power. Egypt’s history also mentions Nefiriti’s unique and appealing fashion sense.


Soong Ling Ching

She was the honorary president of People’s Republic of China. After studying in the US, she openly criticized the then government of China even if most of her family members were politicians. Aside from having a different perspective from other women of her age in her own country, she was known for her intelligence and beauty. Indeed, Soong Ling Ching was the total package of a woman who was not only strong-willed but also fashionably beautiful.


Princess Diana

Princess Diana was a kindergarten teacher before she got married to Prince Charles. She was not only considered as the most beautiful woman in history but also the most photographed person during her time. Unfortunately, this is also the reason why she died in a car accident. She was known for her charity works and gave a breath of fresh air to the stuffy system of the British aristocracy. She had two sons with Prince Charles: Prince William, now the Duke of Cambridge and married to Duchess Kate, and Prince Harry. Aside from her classy fashion sense, she is also known for her beauty, charisma and kindness.


Mata Hari

She is a native of Netherlands who moved to France. Mata Hari was not only an exotic dancer but also a prostitute who had high-ranking military officials as her clients. Aside from this, she was also a spy for the Germans to the French military and she was known as H-21. After French forces found this out, Mata Hari was persecuted by firing squad.


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