Pancakes and muffins are possibly some of the tastiest things to ever be created. But who ever thought of putting them together and came up with pancake mix muffins, was probably a genius, because the outcome is delicious. It is no wonder that a lot more people are trying to make more of these pancake mix muffins.

Unfortunately, a lot of times, even if you use the best pancake mix, things go awfully wrong, and what were supposed to be tasty pancake muffins aren’t that tasty anymore. So what do you do to avoid these mistakes?

We will not be teaching you how to make pancake mix, but follow the below mentioned tips and you will have tasty and fluffy pancake muffins in your hands.

Mistakes to Avoid When Preparing Pancake Mix Muffins

Never Use Cold Ingredients

We completely understand that when you feel like having one of those pancake mix muffins, you want to have them right away. But hurrying into the process of making the perfect batch might land you in trouble. So, for creating the perfect pancake muffins, you may need to have a little patience. Make sure that the ingredients which you use in making the batter like butter, milk etc are at room temperature. You can also make use of krusteaz pancake mix, to avoid the hassle.

Allowing the ingredients to remain cold while you mix the batter might not always result in the tastiest muffins from pancake mix. This is because cold ingredients do not mix, as well as, those at room temperature.

Do Not Skimp on the Ingredients

Follow the recipe to the word. This is true if you are making pancakes, muffins or in this case, pancake mix muffins. Do not put your convenience ahead of what the recipe dictates. The taste of the final product rests in following the recipe as it is, by making absolutely no changes whatsoever, not even a tiny bit.

If you know how to make pancake mix, then you know how important good quality ingredients are.

Do Not "Estimate" Your Ingredients

Considering the fact that you are going to be baking this batter, it is absolutely necessary to weight all of the ingredients before adding them in to the mix. Even if you are going to be making use of the pancake mix, follow the instructions perfectly. Yes, this is labour intensive, but the final product will be worth the pain.

Do Not Make the Batter Beforehand

Nothing says ‘Good Morning’ like a perfect batch of pancake mix muffins straight out of the oven. Most of us do not have the kind of time that is required to whip up a perfect batch of these muffins early in the morning. Hence, it is only natural for us to be tempted to make the batter beforehand, and store it to be made use a few hours later. This is the perfect recipe for disaster, and you will never be able to make tasty muffins from pancake mix.

Create the batter just before making the muffins, in order to make sure that they remain light and fluffy, exactly the way they are supposed to be. You can also make use of krusteaz pancake mix for making the batter really quickly.

Never Overmix Your Batter

Most people tend to think that simply beating the batter longer will result in the fluffiest and the softest pancake mix muffins. Well, you will get the opposite of it if you over mix your batter. Depending on the quantity of the ingredients that you are using, beat your batter on a low speed only for as long as these ingredients have incorporated well enough.

Over mixed batter tends to crush all the air bubbles, and if you have any experience with baking at all, then you know how important these are for the fluffiness of the muffins. Also over beating it, activates the gluten in the flour, and this will result in some chewy pancake muffins, instead of fluffy ones. Using the best pancake mix too cannot help you, if you make this mistake.

Avoid Non-Stick Muffin Moulds

A lot of people these days tend to opt for those no-stick pans instead of the paper or silicon moulds, simply because it seems to be a lot more convenient. Well, you are simply making it harder for your muffins to cook better in the oven by using these. These dark, non-stick pans tend to take away all the heat, resulting in burnt muffins from pancake mix.

Even if you do know how to make pancake mix work to make muffins, this little mistake might rob you of the chance of biting into some delicious muffins.

Do Not Overfill the Moulds

It is common knowledge that these muffins will rise once they have been put in the oven. Hence, overfilling them will result in a complete mess. Although the taste of the pancake mix muffins, has nothing to do with the quantity of the batter you have put in the moulds, but putting in the right quantity makes them look a lot more appealing than otherwise.

Preheat Your Oven

Another common mistake that one tends to make when preparing the pancake mix muffins is failing to preheat the oven. If you put the muffins into a cold oven, and expect them to turn out just fine, then there possibly is no hope for you, as long as baking is concerned. Always preheat your oven before baking anything at all. If you are making use of the krusteaz pancake mix, then it will all go to waste if you open the door.

Do Not Open the Oven Door

Once the pancake mix muffins have been put in the oven, the wait for it to be done seems to be endless. So much so, that it might end up feeling like torture since the cravings just don’t seem to stop. Whatever the scenario may be, do not open the oven door until the timer tells you that it is time to do so. Opening the door repeatedly will allow the heat to escape, and this in turn will mess up the baking time. Even the best pancake mix, will prove to be worthless, if you do this.


Avoid these mistakes and we can pretty much assure you that your pancake mix muffins will turn out just fine. There are several variations that can be practised on this classic recipe as well. Go on, find a good pancake mix and get creative.


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