A good night is very important for our lives. However, bedrooms are left un-attended to most of the times. Price usually prevents college students, young couples and young people from purchasing the best bed. Again, bed frames can be difficult to put into your home because of their bulky nature. They are most likely to scratch your walls and the frames as well. The dismantling and assembling process is also a challenge, leaving you with the option of having your mattress on the floor.

Is It Okay to Put Mattress on the Floor?

This is a very common question at the work place, “Can’t I just lay my mattress on the floor?” The answer has always been a unanimous, “Yes, definitely!" It's your mattress, you can do whatever you want with it.

What people say:

A: It is not an issue at all. I babysat a child of divorced parents for a year. One of the available apartments had a loft meant for storage but could be used as a bedroom. The mattress took up the entire space on the floor. Seemingly, they had been doing this kind of for many years without any issue. He loved it right there and it was just like a small cave for him.

B: As a result of these circumstances, the issue of mold is not of any concern. I have shared many beds on box springs that did not have bed frames. Most notably, the box springs did not develop mold on them and there is no reason for which the mattress on the floor would. Well, I am also reminded of how we had our mattress on floor for less than four months without a box spring and the issue of mold was not there. If you still are concerned about this issue, a moisture barrier below the mattress would do.

Possible Problems That May Come with It

Well, that is not to say it will just be enough to lay your mattress down on the floor. While it is sensible for some people based on the kind of mattress, the flooring type, the country region and the bedroom environment, there are various reasons why the floor could not be the best place for your mattress.

  • Often times, dust collects on the bedroom floor and it tends to be swept all over through drafts. The result is that, you may breathe in a lot of dust overnight while sleeping close to the floor.

  • Bed bugs are another problem. They are always common and it is easier for them to creep into the mattress when you place it on the floor.

  • The issue of mildew and mold is also a major concern in some situations without proper ventilation.

  • If you live in an environment that is cold, the floor will feel colder. Definitely a hot environment may also present some challenges of the same kind.

  • Drafts near the floor may still be a concern. Cold air usually falls and when it does, it will definitely form a draft close to the door.

If I Have to Put My Mattress on the Floor, How to Do It Right


Clean the area where the mattress is to be laid. Make sure that the mattress will fit on the space available by measuring it.


Using a vacuum cleaner, suck the dust and any other cleanable dirt using such measures. If the floor is not a carpet, use a tack cloth to pick up the left-out dust.


Lay the mattress carefully in place on the cleaned floor and put bed sheets on the mattress as usual. Even though you will require a fitted sheet of the exact size to fit the mattress, a top sheet would be important for you. Make this top sheet short not to touch the floor. Additionally, make sure that your blankets are off the floor through the use of a comforter or quilt suited for a smaller mattress. If you're concerned about mold, put a moisture barrier below would help.


Occasionally, lift the mattress off the bedroom floor to air out the bottom side. Lean the mattress against the wall for some hours before taking it to the floor position. The most suitable time would be the time of changing sheets when the mattress is already naked. Make sure you take up the mattress off the floor for at least once every week.

How to Design When Putting Mattress on the Floor

Maintain everything low. This is important to make sure that the bed does not seem out of place. You can do this for the low side table, the collection of baskets and the painting leaned on the room wall.

Luxury on bedding. The bold feeling on the bedding and for the fact that it is all over the box spring edges and the mattress absolutely hide the possible college features of the room. Contrasting features are preferably good.

Let it neither be too official nor too casual. Make sure there is an emphasis on some comforting textures observable from the bed with an angular lamp appearance rather than just having a plain white duvet alone. While things may be arranged in any order, they should be somewhat presentable.

Make sure it is clean always. Being closer to the floor would require you to maintain high standards of cleanliness to make it comfier and an island of some kind.

Big contrasting pillows. Big pillows set up against the wall are a substitute for a headboard although they still provide some kind of bulk to the bed. For the reason that these are darker when compared to the blankets, they usually pop and add some important depth to the bed, intertwining it in the entire room.


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