For many men, finding a hard spot on penile shaft can be a cause for concern. You might have ever done a search for lump on penile shaft pictures for comparing your condition with others', making you worry even more. So, what on earth cause that worrisome problem? Should you see a doctor as soon as possible? Fortunately, a lump under the penile shaft skin can be caused by many benign conditions that don’t require any sort of treatment. However, it’s understandable that a man might be concerned to find a lump under skin on penile shaft. Here’s what you need to know for peace of mind.

10 Causes of Lump Under Skin on Penile Shaft



If you notice a hard spot on penile shaft right after sex or masturbation, you might have this problem. It means that the lymph system in your penis is blocked by the swelling and motion. This will go away soon, and won’t lead to any lingering health problems. It’s actually quite common.


Fordyce Spots

These benign spots are small, usually raised, and might be pale red, yellow-white or even the same color as the surrounding skin. They appear not only on the penile shaft, but also on the scrotum, labia, and even a person’s lips. They are quite common and cause no problems at all.



There are tiny hair follicles all over the penile shaft, and sometimes one can become inflamed. It’s a very superficial infection of the skin, but it can lead to a hard lump. Because this can be quite painful, prompt treatment is needed.


Peyronie’s Disease

This is a very unusual condition that can cause a lump under skin on penile shaft. This is often associated with painful, curved erections. This kind of condition requires immediate evaluation by a doctor.


Genital Warts

These are a cause for concern because they are caused by a sexually transmitted infection. Genital warts are often painless. Since there are many different ways that these might look on your skin, it is a good idea to look up lump on penile shaft pictures, those that are caused by genital warts, to compare.


Lichen Nitidus

These tiny flesh-colored pimples can look like genital warts, but they are a mystery to physicians. They might be there for many years, or they might simply come and go. They are rarely painful and don’t need any treatment at all.


Molluscum Contagiosum

This is a very common skin infection that can give you a lump under skin on penile shaft, from the size of a pinhead to a much larger area. The bumps go away on their own, but if they are scratched, they might get bigger or spread to other areas.



Sometimes ulcers develop on the penile shaft for a variety of reasons, including vigorous sexual activity, genital herpes, viral infections, and some types of skin cancer. Ulcers or sores require a visit to the doctor.



This is an extremely rare condition in which calcium salts build up underneath the skin. It might happen after sustaining an injury. The spots are usually very firm and have a white or yellow color.


Penile Cancer

This is another extremely rare condition. Spots that appear on the glans, foreskin or penile shaft and do not go away should always be checked out by a doctor.


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