Keeping and bringing up a dog is one of the most adventurous and exciting hobby for many people. A lot of work is required to select the breed according to the requirement and personality of the person. Many low energy dogs require less attention in terms of care, exercise and food regimen, etc. So it becomes easier for a lazy person to handle them!

Top 10 Low Energy Dogs

Due to low energy dog's nature, they can definitely share the sedentary lifestyle with you. Here is a list of low energy dogs you will love.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a very gentle type of house dog which can be easily recognized by its characteristic features: heavy body, short legs and long ears.

The most relaxing thing about this low energy dog is that it is very friendly, sweet and non-irritating with children, so you don’t need to get worried in leaving your children with this house dog. This dog has been considered as one of the most gentle and good-natured type of breeds. The only problem you will face sometimes is its stubborn nature which will develop after a constant lazy environment. Some change in atmosphere such as going for a walk with the dog, playing with him in the garden can help you in not developing this nature.



Once these dogs were ferocious enough to catch big games for hunters, but nowadays their friendly, affectionate nature has changed many people's mind to adopt them. They are one of the most devoted types of low energy dogs and remain faithful with their owners. They are very gentle to children and protective. Bulldog requires minimal exercise, so you don't need take him for a long walk or jog. They are more likely to sleep in couch or someone's lap.



Bullmastiff is one of the gentle, firm and intelligent types of breed. This is a dog which you would prefer to take because of its nature and well-behaved attitude. Because they are low energy dogs, they can be easily left with the children in the house. Whether the house is a large one or a small apartment, they will not create a mess and will behave as a protector for you and your family. They are a little bulky in weights and may be as heavy as 130 pounds or more after being an adult. Sometimes a little problem can take place because of their stubborn nature.



1000 years ago, this breed has been originated from China and till now it is still very popular because of his friendly and firm nature among all house dogs. As one of the low energy dogs, it is considered as the best choice for apartments because of his less outgoing requirements and comparatively less weight. It is a bit lazy type of breed and cannot be a good option if left with lively and cheerful children, but Pekingese is perfect as a lap dog.



The Pug is one of the most charismatic and physical distinctive dogs in the world. They have a gentle but playful nature and can be your companion in many games and activities. You will explore more qualities of this breed if you take him out for some period of time and manage to give him some energetic activities. The only care which is recommended is that they are sensitive to heat and humidity, so he must be kept inside during extreme temperatures.


Shih tzu

The Shih tzu is the domestic type of family dogs, so they are usually considered as a good choice for family enjoyments and activities. Because of their friendly, calm and domestic nature, they are considered as trustable and can tolerate people's harsh attitudes. Although they are low energy dogs, to keep active all day long, a little activity which involves a little walk or some jog is required. Because of their light and fluffy hairs, people love taking them as lap dogs.



If compared with others dogs, the Greyhound is considerably slim in their physique. This breed is a well-behaved and gentle type of dog which has a very high speed on running. Actually the Greyhound is one of the low energy dogs. But they can still be taken along with yourself when going out for a jog or exercise. These dogs are a little reserved with strangers but behave as well-mannered in front of them. Sometimes too much crowding and gathering of people can irritate them.


Japanese Chin

The original origin of these dogs is considered as China as they had been gifted to Japanese. They are well-mannered types who become friendly and adaptable with people of all ages. Due to its light weight and small size, it has been taken as a lap dog. Being with a bunch of people, they still remain alert and active. A little care has to be taken due their short size, which is to keep them less active. Too much activity can cause heart and breathing problems in them.


French Bulldog

This dog is always willing to please, a companionable and sweet type breed which is perfect for family fun. Due to its fun loving nature, it gets attached with its surrounding people easily, and even behave well-mannered in front of strangers. A little activity in a day such as taking them for a small walk can keep them healthy. They are also preferred as lap dogs due to their weight and soft hairs.


English Toy Spaniel

English toy spaniel is a friendly and calm type of dog which remains happy with its owner. These dogs don’t like to be teased and will get frightened easily with a hard and sharp voice. A gentle and soft nature is required to train this type and in return, this dog will show you more eager to get attached. These dogs also show a lot of attachment with children, but sometimes they can become stubborn and do not perform heavy and long term activities.


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