An 18 year old boy is faced with a rather embarrassing problem, loss of erection after ejaculation. He is unable to last very long when having sex with his girlfriend and cum too early. He is aware of the fact that he is unable to satisfy her girlfriend which he finds very frustrating since she does not show it but he knows she isn’t satisfied. Moreover, the young man is unable to regain erection quickly after ejaculation. He wants help in either getting control over his ejaculation or regaining an erection quickly after he has ejaculated.

Loss of Erection After Ejaculation


Is It Normal?

Loss of erection after ejaculation is neither a sign of ED or PE. It’s perfectly normal. Young men can retain erections for longer periods and regain their erections quickly after ejaculation but older guys just can’t. Men worried that they are unable to satisfy their partners could use a vibrator on them or give oral sex a shot before intercourse.

Loss of erection after ejaculation is not unusual for guys. In fact it is just as natural as achieving erection. 7 out of 10 women can’t reach climax with penetrative sex alone. They require clitoral stimulation so keeping an erection for a longer period of time does not matter. Giving your partner an orgasm via foreplay or waiting till she is just about to achieve an orgasm before beginning intercourse is a good way for satisfying your partner even if you can’t last for long.



Penetration and ejaculation are the sole purpose of an erection as far as reproduction is concerned. So, there isn’t any reason for the continuation of erection after these two tasks are done. Moreover, sexual excitement usually subsides after ejaculation, causing the erection to go down with it. Women undergo a similar process. The genitals and body get aroused during sex causing an increase in the flow of blood to the genitals and vaginal canal lubrication. However, this arousal subsides at the end of the sexual activity. You can achieve erection and arousal again but only after a refractory period. Do keep in mind that several sexual activities don’t need an erection. Thus, sexual activity can be continued even after you lose erection if you desire.

It must be remembered that once sexual activity ends the body has to relax and the aroused state must subside. Constriction of blood vessels of the penis helps in achieving erection. The risk of cell damage increases if the constriction is allowed to go on for long. Priapism is the name of such a condition which causes permanent damage and is extremely painful. However, it’s a rare condition since the body knows when it has to relax. It is associated with leukemia, erectile dysfunction drugs, sickle-cell disease or malaria.

5 Interesting Facts About Male Orgasm


Prolactin Production

Male orgasms are best enjoyed with a partner because after climax the body releases a hormone called prolactin which shuts down the sex drive for about an hour and you lose interest. Having intercourse increases the prolactin production by 400 percent, so cuddling after sex gives more pleasure.


Sexual Anhedonia

Sexual Anhedonia is a condition in which the stimulation of the genitals produces an orgasm without giving pleasure. Although rare, it is caused due to intake of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI), which is a type of antidepressants.


Obesity Lowers Semen Production

Studies suggest that obese and overweight males produce less semen than average males. Men having a BMI index in excess of 30 produce around 2 ml of semen when they ejaculate while the average quantity of semen released during ejaculation is around 3.4 ml.


Pre-Ejaculate Contains Sperm

Studies have shown that the pre-ejaculate released by men during foreplay and sex for lubrication during intercourse contains up to 40 million sperms. Since a single sperm is enough to make a girl pregnant, it is important to keep this in mind if you are not ready for parenthood.


Semen Is Quick

The speed at which semen travels is 28 mph which is almost equal to the world record set by Usain Bolt, 27.79 mph. Although semen is quite quick out of the blocks, it slows down after leaving the body, taking around 5 minutes to reach the cervix of the woman.

Watch the video below for more male orgasm facts:

When to Concern With

Achieving climax is a bit of an issue for some men. Psychological factors are usually to blame for these issues. For instance, religious upbringing, residual effects of a traumatic event or falling into masturbation patterns which cause the body to reach an orgasm much later than normal are among some examples of these psychological issues. The intake of certain medications or a neurologic disease can also cause such issues.

Penis stimulation with a sex toy or vibrator is one of the temporary ways of addressing orgasm issues. Sex therapy is considered to be a more permanent solution for such issues though in which the couple is asked to engage in sexual activities at home that focus on pleasure which reducing performance pressure.

It is important to contact a physician if you have been experiencing ejaculation and orgasm issues consistently. A complete medical checkup and history evaluation might reveal why you are having issues in achieving orgasm.


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