People are full of advice. Some are good; some are bad; and some are just plain hilarious. It doesn’t seem to matter how old you are because people just love giving you advice. When you hit the good stuff, you have to take a listen. Besides, people who are older than you and have made many more mistakes than you give you advice, why not take some time and listen out? If the sentence starts out "if I would have known better…" or "I didn’t know what I was thinking until this happened…" you know it’s going to be some excellent advice.

Life Advice for Young Adults

Life advice for the young comes in handfuls. Why? Because people don’t like to see others fail and they have already made the mistakes you’re going to make.

Give Everything a Shot

There’s tons of life advice for young adults, and giving everything a shot is an important one. Opportunities don’t just show up when you’re ready for them; give them a shot when they do and see where it takes you. You’re still young enough that if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be able to bounce back quickly. Nothing is worse than sitting in your 50s and wishing you went for that opportunity or chased your dreams when you could. You never know if you could catch a break and change your entire life without actually trying. Think it over, of course, but never back down just because you’re scared.


Take Care of Yourself

This is one of the best pieces of life advice for young adults that you will come across. Your health is the most important thing in life; you can’t do anything if you’re not healthy. So why wouldn’t you want to take care of yourself? As being in shape, eating healthy and treating your body right need lots of efforts, becoming sick brings more hardship and suffering. You only have one life to live, and, most likely, want to live a long and full life, keeping your body in check is one of the most important life lessons you could learn. Bear in mind you’ll have to keep this body till the last day; you don’t just get a new one when this one breaks down.


Popularity Isn’t Always Key

A lot of life advice for young adults revolves around being yourself and not giving a care about the "popular" ones. There’s a reason why it’s said so often and why so many movies and shows revolve around passing on this important life lesson: it’s true. No one really cares about popularity and how "cool" you were in high school except for those in high school. After that? You’re free to go about doing whatever you want and feeling however you want.


Crushes Come and Go

You’re going to have so many crushes in the next few years of your life, who cares if one isn’t interested in you? You’re so much cooler and better off without them! Or so the time-proven saying always goes. If someone doesn’t like you for you, then throw him or her away! Unless the reason that person doesn’t like you is because you’re a jerk…then…maybe re-evaluate your life choices. The point is, there will be so many crushes that it won’t matter if one or two of them turned you down. You’ll be able to pick right back up and worry about the next one when the time comes.


Being Awkward Is…Cool

Listen, if you don’t go through an awkward phase in your life, how will you begin to appreciate yourself and all your quirks? Besides, there’s something incredibly unsettling about little girls who go from looking like an 8 year-old to looking like a 25 year-old at a bar within only a couple of months and half an hour on her hair and make-up. Be yourself, be your awkward loving self, and eventually you’ll find your groove. Just think all of the awkward kids in high school and beyond, but are looking ah-mazing and making mad money. Hello, Neville Longbottom, aka Matthew David Lewis.



No, this isn’t life advice for young adults …at least not in the sense of getting drunk 24/7. Drinking can be tons of fun…it really, really can. Getting drunk happens and those nights can be some of the most ridiculous and fun days of your life. But….getting a little too drunk, or getting too drunk too often, is a little….done. No one wants to be known as the "Courtney Love" of their social group. Life tip: you can never handle as much liquor as you think you can, and after the 3rd shot of tequila you should always go home…and never do shots of tequila again. Falling down with your make-up smeared all over your face is never a good look for anyone.


Stop Arguing With Your Parents

It is guaranteed that this argument will never stop, but maybe stop being so hard on them. It’s going to take years before you actually want to get along with them, let alone agree with them on anything, but try your best anyways. Believe it or not, your parents are actually there to protect you and cheer you on in this unpredictable life. Take a listen to what they’re truly saying instead of just getting mad at them for not agreeing with you 24/7, or for thinking you shouldn’t head out to that sketchy party you both know will end up as bad news.


Failure Is Okay

It really, really is. This is an important life advice for young adults. Learn to accept failure and learn from the mistakes you made to know more about yourself, understand how to continue on in the real world and try to become a better person. "Every successful person has failed a few times in their life; usually they have failed numerous times at the business that they started and are now successful at." There’s no fun if you don’t fail at least once or twice in your life. With failure, you’ll learn how to appreciate the bigger things and the success when it, finally, comes to you.


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