Who wouldn’t want to drink some ice teas, sport drinks or latte down their throats? Almost everyone! But next time this thought comes up, remember how these beverages along with other substances can harm the system. Switching to the more beneficial alternative i.e. lemon water may be difficult but totally worth as it contains zero calories and numerous health associated benefits. Lemons are a great source of fiber, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, B-complex vitamins, and vitamin C. Listed below are some major lemon water benefits.

10 Great Lemon Water Benefits


Assist in Digesting Food

With an atomic composition resembling to that of hydrochloric acid and saliva’s, it helps in eliminating toxins and unwanted contents from the body. To enhance the digestion, it promotes the production of bile from the liver. It also alleviates digestion associated problems like bloating, belching and heartburn. The American Cancer Society suggested to use lemonade for stimulating bowel movement in cancer patients.


Enhance the Immunity

Vitamin C in lemons assists in putting up a tough fight against cold, flu and other viral illnesses. Lemons are also considered a rich source of potassium which helps in stimulating the nervous system and controlling the blood pressure. Ascorbic acid in lemons exhibit anti-inflammatory activity and therefore works well in relieving the symptoms of respiratory disorders and asthma along with boosting iron absorption within the body. Lemons minimize the phlegm production in body and contain saponins which possess antimicrobial characteristics to keep the microorganism in a safe level.


Energize the Body

As mentioned earlier, lemons contain carbohydrates, proteins, phosphorus and vitamin B and C that help in both nourishing and energizing the body. Lemons play a big role in revitalization and energy production by simply keeping the body hydrated and oxygenated. Studies suggest that lemon scent is capable of enhancing the mood and energizing the body.


Keep Urinary Tract Cleaning

Drinking warm lemon water aids in cleaning of urinary tract and exhibits diuretic properties resulting in enhanced urine production. It also alters the pH of urinary tract and restrict the growth of harmful microbial agents. Citric acid in lemons acts as a natural detoxifier and prevents the build-up of infectious agents in the body. Women suffering from urinary tract infections can help themselves significantly by increasing the intake of lemon water. 


Prevent and Manage Throat Infections

Since lemons are stuffed with constituents that exhibit antimicrobial activity, therefore it helps in curing tonsillitis, sore throat and other throat infections. It also minimizes the risk of suffering from asthma. Drinking warm lemon water every morning minimizes the chances of getting any throat infections. In case of sore throat, frequent drinking lemon water and gargling can certainly accelerate the healing process.


Promote Skin Conditions

Drinking warm lemon water regularly can totally change the skin conditions. It assists in the blood purification and formation of new cells. Vitamin C and other antioxidants present in lemon make sure that the skin remains wrinkle-free and devoid of blemishes. In addition, drinking warm lemon water regularly also helped in fighting off the free radical destruction that occurs within the body. 


Improve Bowel Movement

Constipation is often the problem that most of us face in the daily life. But thanks to the warm lemon water, the difficulty in passing stools can easily be resolved. Water already has its own benefits in the setting of constipation. Drinking plenty of water significantly assists in bowel movement, but with the addition of lemon in the warm water, things can get a lot easier and passing stool can become less painful. 


Keep the Body Hydrated

While the health community continues to argue about the amount of water to be consumed each day, it is however assumed that plenty of water assists the body in staying hydrated. Many of us often find gulping water throughout the day, downright boring! So to make things a little tasty, lemon can be a beneficial and yummy addition to the water. This combination of water and lemon will help the body to function normally. 


Accelerate Weight Loss

A number of theories have been presented lately regarding the role of lemon water in reducing weight, one of which suggests that it may be due to the feeling of a full stomach which is caused by the pectin present in the lemon. Although this theory hasn’t been scientifically proved, another theory sounds more sane and accurate. Lemon water tends to reduce the body weight as it contains very little calories, as compared to the other sugary drinks that we normally prefer. 


Reduce the Dependence on Coffee

Most of us are badly addicted to coffee, and we can’t really help it! The flavor, the color and the odor all are heartwarming. However drinking a lot of coffee can affect various systems of the body such as digestive and nervous system along with affecting the energy levels. This habit can be totally shaken off by introducing lemon to the diet. Coffee addiction cannot disappear overnight so replacing coffee drinking gradually with lemon water may help in getting rid of the addiction. 

How to Make Your Own Lemon Water

Simple as it may sound, the ingredients needed to begin with include:

  1. Purified water that isn’t steaming hot but only lukewarm.

  2. Fresh lemons.

Don’t prepare your lemon drink in cold or chilled water as it may increase the processing time within the body. This is mainly because warm water is quickly processed as compared to cold water. Make sure that the lemons used are organic ones, and avoid the processed bottle lemon juice. Squeeze half a lemon in 1 glass of warm water and drink it as the first thing in the morning and drinking during other activities of the day such as before the mealtime or workout.


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