If your left arm feels heavy, there could be a number of causes. Of course, anytime the left arm feels weird, the first concern is that it may be a symptom of heart problems. If your only symptom is your left arm feels heavy, with no accompanying chest pain, excessive sweating, or shortness of breath, chances are it is not a cardiac-related incident. It’s not worth the risk to ignore the possibility, though, so the first thing you need to do is to see a physician and rule out heart troubles. Once you have eliminated the possibilities of heart attacks or strokes, there are other causes that could be behind the cause of your heavy left arm.

Common Causes of Heave Left Arm

Poor Circulation and Left Arm Heaviness

If the feeling of heaviness in your left arm is accompanied by coldness and a numb feeling, it may be that enough blood is not flowing into the area. Sometimes this may be a side effect of a medication you are taking, so you may need an additional drug that helps improve circulation. Tell your doctor about the condition and see what information he has that may help.

Increasing physical activity is another way to improve blood circulation. Cardio exercises help improve blood circulation throughout your body, but be sure the doctor has given you a heart healthy approval rating before starting any exercise program.

Anxiety and Left Arm Heaviness

Anxiety can cause a number of symptoms and if your left arm feels heavy, that could be a sign you are suffering from anxiety. Stress and anxiety can play funny tricks on our bodies. One of the affects can be muscle tension which may make your left arm feel weird and heavy or cause other aches and pains throughout your body. 

Try to reduce the stress level in your life. Meditation and yoga are good methods of stress relief, exercising works well for many people, or even just taking time to relax in a hot tub or reading a good book may help. If those steps don’t work, consider seeking help with your anxiety levels from a physician.

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