Yoga is one of the common exercises that most people do to reduce stress. Stress causes deterioration of the body health especially the health of the brain. The brain is one of the critical organs in the human body that runs almost all the activities in the body. Whenever the brain is not doing well the activities depending on it are slowed down. Aging is due to failure of some normal functioning of some parts of the body. Yoga is believed to have the abilities to slow down aging. No one would like to age because there are much negative physical changes that come along with it but, unfortunately, it reaches a point where you cannot slow down. The only thing that you can do is make yourself healthy and strong at as you age. The following are the anti-aging yoga movements that can help you slow down aging:

5 Anti-Aging Yoga Moves


Smooth press ups

This exercise is aimed at stretching the upper part of the body. Use your toes and hands to support your entire body on the ground. Make sure your wrists are directly opposite your shoulders. If your wrist hurts, try balancing it with your forearms until you are comfortable with the posture. In that balanced posture, lift one of your legs to a level where you can to ensure maximum stretching. Alternate the legs until you feel your body is well stretched. Try this everyday and increase your lifespan and slow down the rate of aging.


Bare feet standing

Yoga is one of the simple exercises that do not require straining hence can be done by people regardless of their age. You may have never thought that standing could make a great exercise until the yogis discovered. You are required to stand apart with your bare feet and concentrate on how the total body weight is distributed. Try balancing the body weight while by shifting from right, left, back and forward without moving your feet until you balance the body weight. Shift your attention to the hips by felling how they are stacked above the angles and your shoulders above the hips. Move your head backward such that it is the spine is balanced and focus on gaining equilibrium. Close your eyes and imagine that something is pulling you up and focus on how your stability changes. This will help you maintain posture easily and enables you to discover the right posture for you hence the chances of bending with age is reduced.


Bend forward exercise

This is a yoga posture that helps you to improve the strength of the upper part of the body and helps you to stretch your spine and back part of your body. Stand apart and ensure they are hip width apart and spread your fingers apart. Gently bend forward and avoid straining the knees and use your hand with spread fingers to support yourself on the floor. If you feel strained, continue bending forward until you feel a comfortable stretch at your back. Try maintaining your body balance using your hands and the feet rather than leaving all the weight for the shoulders. To make yourself more flexible, stretch one of your legs while still in the same posture.


Tree-like posture

As people grow older, they always experience a problem of maintaining balance and in most cases their body shift to very bad posture to counteract the disability. Stand straight with your feet maintained together then move most of your weight to the left side. Bring your hands together on the chest as if you are praying. Lift your right leg and place it against the left thigh and take deep breaths. Change to the right side and do the same to the left leg. This will help you to maintain posture even as you grow older.


Try squatting

Squatting is an exercise that enables you to maintain strong thigh muscles and hence reducing the chances of knee pain occurring. Stand straight with you feet maintained together and squat without separating your feet as if you want to seat on a chair. Protect your knees by preventing them from moving forward while you bend. Remain in the squat position then squat again with your feet apart and ensure that your knees are pointing at the same direction. Try this yoga moves to fight aging and you are sure to have a long healthy lifespan.



If you have ever thought of maintaining your beautiful young appearance then yoga is one of the things that you might need. Try the above elaborated yoga postures and have a healthy flexible body. Remember it requires your obedience and commitment for it to be effective.

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