Kidneys are integral organs in the body and are responsible for waste regulation. Their main function is filtering waste and toxins from the blood. However, a time will come when waste residues build up along the kidneys’ filtering components, which result in blocking and obstructing your kidney's normal function. Kidney cleanse is one of the procedures that will restore kidney health, which translates to proper kidney function and a healthier body. Although scientific studies supporting this procedure’s effectiveness are unavailable, the healthy food components and nutrients taken into your body will provide added health benefits. Learn what to drink for a kidney cleanse. 

What Is Kidney Cleanse?

Drinking adequate fluids, especially water, helps the kidneys clean themselves. Apart from water, much-needed fluids can also be obtained from succulent fruits and vegetables. Kidney cleanse refers to the products used for detoxifying kidneys to keep their healthy functions while preventing growth of other obstructions like kidney stones. Apart from cleaning the kidneys, kidney cleansing also targets blood pressure regulation, enhances immunity, promotes proper urinary tract and bladder functions, and flushes out toxins from the body.

The benefits of kidney cleanse are enough to stress its importance for every individual. Ingredients used for making this solution range from a wide array of herbs, nutrients and food groups. They are good sources of nutrients that contribute to improving health apart from kidney cleansing. Even though these components’ contribution to kidney cleansing may not have solid scientific evidence to back it up, health benefits brought by these components are still helpful for people. Consulting a naturopathic expert is needed before taking kidney-cleansing solutions to ensure it’s the right one for you.

Kidney Cleansing Approaches

Several approaches in doing a kidney cleanse are available for people to follow. However, keep in mind that medical claims about this procedure are not scientifically backed up, but can still be beneficial for your body.

Food and drinks

  •  Water

Drink the recommended glasses of water daily. This aids in promoting better blood volume while ensuring vital kidney cleanse components are transported to the kidney. Aside from water, drink a cup or two of unsweetened cranberry juice daily.

  •  Watermelon

Watermelon is not a proven component for cleansing the kidneys, but it is a known diuretic, a component that forces people to urinate, and aids in flushing out toxins. A whole watermelon and a gallon of water daily can be useful for cleansing the kidneys. However, keep in mind that the watermelon cleanse is not suitable for diabetics.

  • Cranberries

Cranberries are known to be helpful in avoiding urinary tract infections. Its acidic component prevents bacterial growth inside the bladder while protecting the heart from diseases and cancer. Cranberries can be taken as juice, a side dish, a salad dressing, and even as food toppings.

  • Garlic

Garlic’s anti-inflammatory properties and components that lower cholesterol are already helpful for people. However, it also has antioxidant and blood-thinning components that can help in easing the filtering process for the kidneys. The good thing about garlic is it can also be used in different meals. Individuals undergoing dialysis who wish to use this ingredient can take the powdered form instead to add flavor without adding sodium.

  • Red bell peppers

Considered as the right choice for people concerned with renal health, red bell peppers are low in potassium while having different nutrients. It also has antioxidant lycopene that can be helpful for preventing cancer. Use them with various meals to add variety to your diet.

Watch to learn how to make natural kidney cleanse drink with celery, apples, lemon and carrots: 


Herbal approaches

  • Cayenne lemonade

What you'll need: Lemon, cayenne, raw honey

Why and how: Cayenne lemonade is considered as the master kidney cleanse. Cayenne helps to thin out blood and the lemon is responsible for alkalizing the body. These two aid in flushing out wastes from the kidney. Raw honey is used for sweetening the mixture. Drink as large of an amount as possible daily while modifying diet to avoid possible kidney damage. Be sure to avoid taking food that is toxic for the kidneys while cleansing.

  • Mixture of several herbs

What you'll need: Half a cup of dried hydrangea root, marshmallow root, and gravel root

Why and how: This kidney cleanse recipe can dissolve kidney stones and salt crystals. Take one-fourth cup of each root, mix them together, and soak in 10 cups cold water for four hours or even overnight. Be sure to use a non-metal container for storage and soaking. After soaking, add all the cherry concentrate and boil. Let the mixture simmer for another 20 minutes. Cool and strain into another container. Drink one-fourth cup and refrigerate the rest.

  • Parsley

What you'll need: Fresh parsley, four bunches

Why and how: Rinse parsley using hot water for cleaning. Place the parsley in a quart of water. Bring to a boil and leave for five minutes. Let cool and drink a quarter cup. Freeze a pint and refrigerate the other pint.



  • Take two ginger capsules and two uva ursi capsules together with one vitamin B6 capsule for breakfast.

  • For lunch, take two ginger capsules and two uva ursi capsules.

  • During dinner, repeat the same supplement combination taken during breakfast, but replace vitamin B6 capsule with magnesium oxide capsule.

Learn about things that help cleanse your kidneys with Dr. Group:

What to Avoid When Doing a Kidney Cleanse

As with other cleansing procedures, a kidney cleanse requires you to avoid several foods. Common foods to avoid include meat products, caffeine, food and supplements with B12, food and drinks with artificial sweeteners, energy drinks, food with artificial coloring and preservatives, carbonated beverages, and unnecessary medications like painkillers.

Side Effects of Kidney Cleansing

Several side effects can be expected while undergoing a kidney cleanse. Examples of these are acidic body odor, sluggishness, exhaustion, irritability, anxiety and depression. Usually, a side effect can be noticed around the second or third day of doing the cleanse like change in body and urine odor. This is because the body is releasing uric acid. Fading odor after several days is a sign that the cleanse is working. The number of days when the odor will neutralize depends on your toxicity level. Duration ranges from four days up to three weeks.

How to relieve: Irritability and anxiety are normal side effects. Taking nutritional yeast or an organic magnesium supplement can improve your mood while undergoing a kidney cleanse.

  • Stop drinking if you experience stomachache or pressure on the bladder area.
  • Individuals with sensitive stomach should drink less of herbal cleanse while it's best to consult your doctor before trying any herbal recipe.
  • Kidney cleanse can be done for six weeks to attain best results or longer for those with severe kidney issues.

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