Rise and shine, grab your feather duster and get ready to clean because it’s Clean Up Your Room Day! This spring-cleaning holiday occurs yearly on May 10, and gives everyone the perfect opportunity to tackle a messy room or organize the entire house. It’s a day when parents can get things done and kids have something new to complain about. Whether you’re looking to create more bedroom storage space or sort through the mess in your closets, we’re here to help you keep your home clutter-free all year long.

Part 1: Tips to Gain More Bedroom Storage Space


Focus on one area at a time.

A messy room can look almost impossible to sort through, so pick one area to tidy up first. Toss out any papers you don’t need, and separate other items into a pile that you plan to keep. Listening to music while you clean can help build your momentum and get the job done quicker.


Categorize the clutter.

Separate your clothes from the clutter. Place any books and magazines into a pile, and categorize other items according to their type. It’s much easier to tell what you have when everything is placed neatly into individual piles. If you don’t have enough household storage space for your items, decide what to keep, what to donate or what to put into self storage for future use.


Set a deadline to get everything done.

If you often get sidetracked and lose focus, set a deadline for getting your room clean. When you set a goal, you’re more inclined to see the job through to completion. You can always get someone to help you clean the room and cut the work time in half, making sure that everything gets done.


Put valuable items in self storage.

If you have more stuff than you know what to do with and you’re running out of household storage space, consider renting a self storage unit. With a closet-sized storage unit, you have a place to store your valuable or sentimental items without taking up room in your home.

Clean Up Your Room Day only comes once per year, so take advantage of it by tackling your room head on and getting it clean and organized. If you set a deadline, focus on one area at a time and ask a friend for help; you’ll get the job done quickly and have a neat and tidy space that you can truly enjoy.


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