Is it safe to wash dreadlocks styles? Below is the answer. Hope it will help.

Part 1


Dreadlocks are a very personal choice people make for their own hair. It’s not a choice that too many people make since it’s not the most professional – or sanitary – hair styles on the planet. In fact, it’s one that is not even well-received by many. The art of the dreadlock style is to keep hair so dirty you can twist it and turn it into what it is. It’s not considered appropriate office hair and therefore, those who rock this look are often categorized into two main places in life; surfers and addicts. While we don’t know if this is true, we do know that most people cannot show up to work with dreads, and most people wouldn’t. But there are some serious misconceptions about dreadlocks that come with this look, and one is that people do not ever clean their hair. That’s so unsanitary and disgusting that many people turn up their noses at people with dreads, and we are here to change your – and our own – mind son the subject.

Those with dreadlocks do – mostly – wash their hair. There is always that one person that makes the decision not to do this, but those with dreads do understand the importance of washing their hair to keep it healthy and clean. It’s a hairstyle, not an invitation to avoid personal hygiene habits. Those with dreads might not wash their hair nearly as often as you and I – though we are not supposed to wash our hair as often as we probably do, either – but they do wash their hair. So let’s make a concentrated effort to stop judging those who choose dreadlock styles over more traditional styles as people who are dirty, perhaps engaging in illegal consumption and likely not all that intelligent. Their hair does not define them.


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