The Family Handyman notes that there are several important tips for exterior painting. These steps primarily concern the tools, techniques and strategies required before starting.

Part 1

Set aside enough time to complete the entirety of the project. Painting an entire medium-sized house may take an entire summer to complete. Buy better tools rather than cheaper ones when possible. While more expensive, better tools last longer and ultimately save much more money. Buy a minimum of two high-quality synthetic bristle brushes before starting the project. One brush should be a 4-inch straight-bristled brush for larger areas. The other should be a 1 ½-inch angled sash brush for more detailed painting.

There are a few basic steps to using the brushes for exterior painting. First, dip approximately 2 inches of the brush into the bucket of paint. Paint from a can that contains 2 or 3 inches of paint rather than a full can. Next, slap the brush vigorously against the paint can to remove excess paint. Use two or three strokes back-and-forth to thickly lay paint on the surface, reloading the brush and repeating until at least 3 square feet are covered. Finally, use a brush without any fresh paint on it to smooth the painted surface with long and sweeping strokes. Start from the unpainted area and brush towards the painted area, lifting the moving brush at the conclusion of each stroke.


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