Passbooks are an integral part of our day-to-day lives. They are an essential part of our financial paraphernalia. When you lose them, it becomes extremely distressing and can create a number of problems for you, too. However, there is a way for you to recover your lost passbook. You just have to know how to write application for lost passbook. If you don’t know this important task, then worry not as we have got you covered.

How to Write Application for Lost Passbook

The following is a sample that will help you in learning how to write application for lost passbook.



The Manager

Name of the Bank

Address of the Branch

Sub: Issuing of a duplicate passbook–savings account no.­­­­­­­­­ xxxxx

Dear Sir

My name is xxx and I have a savings account with you. I am sorry to inform you about the loss of my passbook.

So, it is my humble request that you issue me a duplicate copy of my passbook. You can debit the charges for the duplicate passbook to my savings account no. xxxxx.

It would be kind of you if you let me know about any details or documents that would be required for issuance of the passbook.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

(Name of the Account Holder)

Since the application for new passbook is a typical letter, it is mandatory that you add the name and full address of both the receiver and sender in the appropriate places designated for them. If you do not include these essential details, any letter would be considered insignificant and the receivers of your letters would get the wrong idea about you. Such an attitude is deemed to be very unprofessional when dealing with receivers. Therefore, it is important that you give all the necessary details in your bank passbook missing letter. You can leave the spaces for the name and addresses empty if it is necessary.

How to Write Application for a New Check Book

When writing an application for a new check book, it is necessary for you to have a checking out with a bank in the first place. Without it, the bank wouldn't issue a new check book. The application must be written in a simple manner with all the important details in a format that is easy-to-read.

Firstly, the application must be written to the bank manager with his position and name. Secondly, come up with a subject line, making sure that you highlight that the application is for a new check book for your account.

Then give your account details and inquire if the bank can issue a check book to you in the body of the letter.

Finally, sign your name in capital letters and the address linked with your account.


Name of the Bank Manager

Name of the Bank

Address of the Bank

Sub: Application for a new check book

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to request the issuance of a check book to me of ___ leaves for the account that I have with you. This is the account number ­­­­­­­­_________ of the “specify” Account I have with you. The account is in the name of ­_________/ joint holder _________.

I know that you will debit the charges for the new check book from my account when the check book is issued to me.

The address on which you can send me the check book is _________

Yours faithfully,

Signature (Name in capital letters)

How to Write Application for a New ATM Card


The Manager

__________ (Insert the bank and branch name in the space)


_____ (Insert your Name)

______ (Insert your Address & Phone number)


Sub: Requisition of Lost ATM Card ______ (Insert the card number)

It is my kind request that you please issue me a new ATM card since my existing card with number ­­­­­­­_______ connected to my bank account is lost. It is important for me as without it I cannot make banking transactions easily. I have asked the bank customer care in advance to block the ATM card. Please make sure that my lost ATM card is not used for making any transactions.

Thank you

________ (Insert your name and sign)

It is important that before submitting the request for a new ATM card from the bank you call your bank’s customer care first and ask them to block it. This will make sure that no transactions are made using the card until a new card has been issued to you by the bank.


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