For those who don’t know, neti pots are being used increasingly by American consumers as a solution to their sinus problems. A neti pot that has the appearance of Aladdin’s lamp crossed with a teapot, and is made typically of plastic or ceramic. It holds a saline solution inside it which is used for nasal irrigation. Its origins can be found in ancient India, where Hindu yogis used this 100% natural technique to rinse their sinuses. Today, you can purchase these pots easily anywhere online, and for those of you looking for information on using a neti pot, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Use a Neti Pot

Use a neti pot might sound daunting for some first timers, but I promise the process is fairly easy. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

Believe it really works

Some may doubt the effectiveness of a neti pot, but I can assure you that it really works. You should believe it, have faith in it and put some real effort in rinsing your nose with it if you want to see some positive results.

Scientifically speaking, let me explain its effectiveness this way. We all know that our noses are lined with hair-like structures called cilia, which can also be found inside our sinus cavities. Now, it is their job to push the mucus to your nose to be blown out or to your throat where it can be swallowed. But sometimes they fail to perform their function correctly. And in such cases, a saline solution acts as a catalyst that helps the process move forward smoothly and solves your sinus problems.


Correct equipment is important

This is one most important tip on how to use a neti pot. Please do not buy a pot merely because it’s cheap or on sale. And always opt for either plastic or ceramic posts. They’re the best for you. Sometimes they are sold with premade solutions, and sometimes they aren’t. But that’s not a worry because you can easily make the solution at home. The next step tells you how.


Make the solution

If the solution is provided to you, all you have to do is stir it in warm water to heat it up. If you’re making it at home, keep the following steps in mind:

  • Always use distilled water and the water should be warm.

  • Test its temperature by dropping a little of it on your inner arm.

  • Take 2 cups of the warm water and add a tablespoon of salt to it.

  • Stir well till salt dissolves.

This saline solution is intended to mirror your body’s 0.9% saline solution.


Find the proper location

A sink or the bathroom is the best place to work on how to use a neti pot. However, a big bowl on your lap with a towel under it would do a great job. The location is important because you don’t want to spill water here and there and then have to clean up your mess.


Flush with the right methods

Now this is the tough part and here is a simple guide to help you out:

  • Tilt your head a little backwards and insert the spout of the neti pot in one of your nostrils, so much so that water cannot leak out of it.

  • Then slowly tilt the spout a little and let the water pour in. All this while, make sure you breathe from your mouth.

  • Do this for a few seconds and then stop. You will soon notice water flowing out of your nostril, which you can wipe with a clean cloth. Repeat with your other nostril.

  • After you’re done, blow your nose so that the remaining solution comes out of your system. Be gentle with the blowing.


Use it regularly

You can begin by using it once a day. After you get comfortable with it, you can use it twice a day. Developing a routine is ideal and while you can use the pot at any time of the day, mornings and nights are the best time to use them, especially one or two hours before going to sleep. You can also use them before you participate in rigorous physical activities like workouts, aerobics, marathons, etc.

Precautions When Using a Neti Pot

There aren’t any actual dangers when it comes to using a neti pot. However, it is always wise to take certain precautions to keep your body healthy and free of infections.

Always use distilled water

As I have stated in the process of how to use a neti pot, using distilled water is very important. Stories of people using tap water and ending up with brain infections can be found floating on the internet. Now whether or not they’re true, it’s safe to say you should always use distilled water. Or at least make the effort to boil your tap water before using it. No exceptions.


Regularly clean your pot

You have to treat it like any other utensil in your household. If it’s made of plastic, throw it in the dishwasher. If it’s made of ceramic, then wash it with your hands. A dirty pot becomes an easy home to germs and infections. And don’t forget to let it dry completely in the sun before using it the next time.


Never share your neti pot

You really don’t want to catch the infections from others, no matter they are friends or family members, do you? Or passing an infection on from you to them, right? Then avoid sharing pots at all costs.


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