Everyone wants to stay fit today. The bulging tummy, heavy thighs and butts, untoned arms, etc. diminish the grace that you seek and ultimately you lose self-confidence. To feel good about yourself and your body, it is mandatory that you embrace a good workout routine. Here are few great workouts for you that require just a little time of yours at your home and nothing else to make you proud of your body.

How to Tone Up Your Body with Amazing Crunches

If you are looking to get fit or lose weight the healthy way, there are a number of exercises that can steer you in the right direction. If heading to a gym seems inconvenient for you, here are a few exercises that you can try at home and at your convenience. So come and achieve your fitness goals with these easy exercises.

How to Warm Up for Workout

Begin with on the spot jogging to warm up your body. Then, throwing your arms to the side while opening up your legs and get right into some seal jacks for about a minute or two. Once this is done, move into butt kicks for a minute and a half and without stopping, do a static stretch. Follow this by opening up your legs, placing your arms on the floor and lifting one arm up at a time.

As you come back up to your standing position, reach out with your hands on either side while twisting your body. Do four to five reps of this. Then open up your shoulders with a few shoulders rotations, on both sides. Follow this up with a neck rotation that begins sideways and then moves forward and backward. With these total body workout exercises, your warmup will come to its end and you can then jump straight into the actual workout.


Body Toning Exercises

You can begin your workout by doing plank jacks on the floor. All you have to do for this is drop into plank jacks while holding yourself in a plank position. You need to do this for one minute. Keep your butt squeezed while doing this or you will add extra strain onto your back. The key to this workout is to keep your reps consistent. Hold yourself, squeeze your abs and stay in that plank position. After you are done with these reps, take a 15-minute break to breathe.

Next, get into the one leg box step. You can start slow until you get your balance. Keep your butt out every time you drop down and if you feel a load on the front of your legs as well as on your butt, you will know that you are doing it right. This exercise helps in providing a good lower body workout. Follow this up with squat jumps that move into a forward punch. Every time you jump up after your squat, drop down into two punches. Keep alternating your hands as you do the punches. Make sure the load remains on your butt and on the front of your legs. You should also make sure your back is not put under any strain. Try doing this for about 5 minutes for best results. For the last few seconds, try to throw in deeper squats and harder punches.

Now, take a break for 10 seconds and breathe well. Then move from an inchworm to a pushup. As you inch all the way down into a push-up, you will feel a pull at the back of your legs as this exercise will work your hams. Make sure your legs are straight and your butt in line with your body. The push up may be difficult but it will work your upper body well. The next exercise is a mountain climber. This is a little different from the regular mountain climbers. Start in a plank position and bring each leg as far out as possible while doing this. This exercise is great for your butt and hip muscles. Keep your shoulders and chest straight while doing it.

For the next exercise, get into the plank position, take three steps out and open up into a T. This exercise is great for your core as well as your mid and upper back. It also helps strengthen your shoulder muscles. Doing this for 60 seconds will help you build your upper body strength. Follow this with a Bulgarian squat. Every time you drop down, make sure you keep a ninety-degree angle. Bulgarian squats are great for your butt as well as for your shoulders. Use slow and controlled movements for the exercise.

Next is a box jump. Make sure you land softly on your toes so that there is very little pressure on your knees. This exercise will work on your calves as well as your glutes. If you like, you can pick up weights while doing this. Follow this with a lateral shuffle kick back as this exercise will target your triceps and your legs while shuffling side to side. End the workout with 45-degree leg abduction. Just lift your leg up and pulse it at a 45-degree angle. Come back to the original position and do this with the other leg.

Thus, instead of focusing on just some areas of your body, going in for a full body workout will help you achieve a toned body while helping you build your muscles, burn calories and increase your strength.


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