It’s a fact that breasts tend to sag as we get older. Age, however, is not the only cause for saggy breasts. Other reasons women suffer this cosmetic ailment could be genetics (if your mom has this problem, you probably will also experience it), large breast size (gravity will prevail), dramatic weight loss, pregnancy and breast feeding, smoking, hormone changes (especially menopause), and unfortunately your bra. Yes, the thing girls use to keep them UP can actually make them droop DOWN because the bra causes a thinning of the ligaments that naturally hold breasts up.

How to Tighten Breast with Surgeries


Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a way to remove excess skin in order to “lift” the breast into a more normal looking shape and place. For some this is the best way of how to tighten breast tissue in order to make breasts firmer and better proportioned on the body. The average cost of mastopexy in the United States is $5,000 to $8,000. Cost is usually based on expertise, which means more qualified and experienced surgeon equals higher fees.

  • How it is done: Mastopexy can be performed if you meet certain qualifications such as good overall health, of adult age, and not considering breastfeeding in the future. The surgeon will remove excessive skin by making incisions in the surrounding area of the nipple, or from the nipple to the bottom of the breast, or even along the crease under the breast. The amount and length of incisions will be determined by the degree to which your breasts have drooped. Recovery time can be anywhere from a couple weeks to a few months to even a year.

  • Potential risks: The potential risks of breast lift include painful swelling which is the most prominent side effect, infection, reduced nipple sensation, partial or complete loss of a nipple, nerve damage, and the possible need for further surgery or repair. What's more, be sure to consult your doctor if you experience fevers over 105° Fahrenheit, blackening skin not associated with bruising, vomiting, convulsions, or loss of consciousness.



There are new injections on the market to give a lift to sagging breasts. Although these injections cost much less than their counterpart of breast lift surgery, the benefits do not last as long, usually months to maybe a year.

  • The Vampire Breast Lift is an injection created with your own blood mixed with other synthetic properties. This injection has been shown to generate breast tissue growth which some believe to be the best way of how to make breast tissue tight more naturally.

  • Botox injections fill the breast area much in the way as facial Botox injections. Although Botox has been FDA approved for facial injections, it has yet to be approved for breast injections.



Enlarging breasts with implants, or breast augmentation, can also be a good solution to how to tighten breast tissue. There are 3 different types of implants available: saline, silicone, and a new type which uses a form of cohesive gel. Differences in these types can range to incision lengths, how natural they feel, potential of a rippling effect, detection of ruptures, shapes available, and cost. Unlike traditional implants, patients are now able to have much more choice in implants such as type, area of incision, placement area, and implant profile.

The general requirements, as well as risks and recovery are very similar to Mastopexy. As with breast lift, consult your doctor constantly to have your conditions well monitored and treated. The average cost of breast augmentation in the United States is $5,000 to $15,000; however, if you decide to incorporate implants into breast lift surgery, the average cost is usually only $1,000 more than that of Mastopexy.


Autologous Fat Transfer

This type of “implant” is actually a transfer of fat from another area of your body to your breasts. This creates much of the same effects as traditional implants. Weigh your options carefully, however. Although fat transplants make smaller incisions and give your surgeon the ability to better shape your breasts, fat deposits into the breast tissue may not last for long and the procedure may have to be repeated. This method is usually only used for patients who do not want to significantly increase bust size. The cost of autologous fat transfer usually ranges between $5,000 and $10,000.

How to Tighten Breast with Exercises

Different pectoral exercises can help you obtain a natural breast lift. Although breasts do not contain muscle, strengthening the pectoral muscles behind the breast can help increase blood flow and oxygen to breast tissue. Also, stronger pectoral muscles can help create a natural breast lift by tightening breast skin and surrounding skin because of the bulk of the muscle. The following are some of the beneficial pectoral exercises:

· Push-ups

· Yoga, especially upward facing dog

· Bench presses

· Cable crossovers

· Cable flies

· Dumbbell flies

How to Tighten Breast with Natural Remedies

Much research and personal trials have been done in order to find the best natural ways on how to make breast tight and firm. With natural remedies for tightening breast, you don't have to worry about risks of surgery, implants and the complications incurred. The following list consists of ways that women have found helpful in creating a natural breast lift.

Supportive Bras

Although bras can actually cause sagging breasts, finding the right supportive and lifting bra can at least make breasts appear more firm and lifted. Always replace old and worn bras and always make sure you are wearing the correctly sized bras. Too many women do not even accurately know their correct bra size!


Aloe vera

Aloe vera based gel has its own skin tightening properties and massaging it onto the skin of the breast helps tone the muscles behind the breasts.


Almond oil

The massage effect will be the same regardless what you use but almond oil actually has properties which improve blood circulation, thus inflating blood vessels and lifting breasts.


Cucumber and egg yolk

Used together in a half-hour mask, these natural substances tone skin as well as tighten skin and underlying muscles. This can be and is recommended to be used daily.



Not only is better posture beneficial to your spine and core muscles, it is also better for all muscles, including pectoral muscles. Standing more upright can also give the impression of higher positioned and firmer breasts.


Good nutrition

Overall good nutrition is required in creating new cells and preserving old cells. Be sure to consume adequate amount of vitamins in your daily food intake, especially vitamins A, C, E and all the B vitamins.


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