When it comes to how to tell your parents you're pregnant, a level of caution is required so as not to make the news a very devastating one. No parent loves to see his or her baby girl put in the family way without following due process. Breaking the news about your pregnancy to your parents can break their hearts, so it is important to approach the issue gently. Here are instructions on how to deal with it.

How to Tell Your Parents You're Pregnant


Aware It First: 8 Things to Keep In Mind

  • One of the most important tips I can give you on how to tell your parents you're pregnant is to let them know as soon as possible. The more you delay breaking the news, the harder it becomes for you to let it out.

  • Some teens do not have very good relationships with their parents, and this makes talking to them about the pregnancy a bit hard. One way to bridge this is to talk to a close family member about the pregnancy before talking to your parents. Talking to someone else before letting your parents in on the new development means you will not face your parents alone when you go to them.

  • Avoid the mistake of trying to say it in a hurry or during a quarrel. The best time to break the news is when the atmosphere is relaxed and everyone has time to listen to your story.

  • There is nothing wrong with your parents getting angry at the news, you must not interrupt when they chose to scold you angrily.

  • Before you talk about the options you are considering like adoption or abortion, it is important you give everyone time to calm down.

  • Sometimes, parents might pressure you into making a choice you are not very comfortable with. You don't have to accept anything you do not like. You can always seek professional help from a counselor or your class teacher.

  • This is not just a breaking news. It should take more than one simple conversation to discuss your pregnancy with your parents. With pregnancy comes a variety of feelings, so expect mood swings in the preceding months. Feelings like sadness, fear, guilt, anger, worry, shock, confusion, happiness, excitement can come and go suddenly. Talk to your parents about these feelings.

  • Conclusively, this is your body we are talking about. Make decisions you won't regret for as long as you live.


Preparing to Talk to Them

The news about your pregnancy should be a surprise to your parents. So it is normal if you worry how they would react when they learn about it, your relationship with them notwithstanding. It can be easier if your parents have no problem with you having premarital sex with your boyfriend. But whereby they warned you against dating any boy or having sex before marriage due to their religious beliefs and principles, it becomes a difficult issue to handle.

Try to remember how your parents had acted in similar situations in the past. Imagine how you think they might react, but don't forget you cannot guess accurately. Sometimes, thinking about how they might react can help you prepare for the showdown ahead. Make sure you do some minor practices before you face them. Decide on the best opening lines that can guarantee you a safer landing. It is important to bear in mind that they will possibly be upset at the news, whichever way you choose to present it, but presenting it in the best light will help calm them down.


The Conversation

First, choose the right words. You might possibly start with something like, “I have a difficult issue to discuss with you. I just discovered that I'm expecting a baby." Then stop talking. Give them time to digest the news.

Let them talk without any interruption. Pay attention to what they have to say to you without making any attempt to cut them shut. If they choose to scold you angrily, let them.

Let them know how you feel. An important aspect of the conversation should involve letting them know exactly how you feel about the whole thing. Let them know you feel sorry for disappointing them if that is how you feel. If you feel you have disappointed yourself, let them know. You could say something like, Dad, Mom, I have disappointed you, and I feel sorry about it. I know how upset you are, but I'm very sorry for hurting you this way. I feel so disappointed in myself as well.

Let them know about your fears, like, I'm afraid I won't be able to handle the situation. I wonder what my classmates and friends will think of me now. I fear this might come in the way of my academics. I still can't believe I'm pregnant, and I don't really know what to do.

It takes a level of maturity to say exactly how you feel, but you should not worry about the words not coming out the way you planned. If you cry in the middle of the discussion, there is nothing to feel stupid about. Thinking about your feelings beforehand can be quite helpful. If you find it very difficult to tell your parents how you feel, you can put them down on a piece of paper.

If you must get help with the news, please do. You must have to pay your family doctor or your health center a visit to enable you get more information about the issue at hand. A visit to a doctor will help you assess the options available to you on how to tell your parents you're pregnant. You will be able to weigh the options and discuss your feelings about your pregnancy. During this visit, the health practitioner can help you devise the best way to break the news to your parents. If possible, you can request for their presence while you discuss with your parents about your pregnancy.


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