There can't be nothing more exciting than the news that a baby is on the way from one's spouse. Breaking the news about your pregnancy to your husband is about the best thing you can ever say to him. How to tell your husband you’re pregnant in some cute way to break this joyful news to make the experience an unforgettable one? Here are ways to tell your spouse about your pregnancy.

How to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant: 28 Cute Methods


Easy DIY Sign

This technique is quite cute. Simply use a chalkboard sign and point your husband towards your tummy. This works well if you can't hide the news any longer.


Coffee Mug Hidden Message

There is no cuter way to surprise your spouse first thing in the morning than inserting a message announcing your pregnancy in a coffee mug as you sit for breakfast.


Photo Shoot Surprise

Arrange for a photo shoot session with your husband, ask him to write down something he loves the most about you while you do the same. On your own paper, write that he is going to be a dad soon, and make sure the photographer captures his reaction.


Scratch Off Surprise

Everyone loves winning. Hide the information under a place where your husband will have to scratch before off a panel before accessing the information. Instead of seeing a freebie, let him see you have won a new baby bump.


Sidewalk Art

Become more creative and artistic by writing down that mummy will soon have a new baby. If you have an older baby, convince him/her to lay near the artwork and drawings as a way of surprising your husband.


We Are Expecting Spoons

Get the message inscribed on his spoon and wait while he scoops his dessert into his mouth. It will take only a few spoon scoops before he discovers the exciting news.


Family Game Night Announcement

Begin your family game night as soon as possible and make sure you add your new baby's piece even if you do not know the sex of the baby yet. Leave a baby's car in the game idea for your husband to locate.


Baby Eviction Notice

Print an eviction notice and paste it on your older baby's crib and make sure your husband gets the turn to tuck the baby into his/her crib for the night. He will definitely burst into raucous laughter when he sees the notice.


Egg-Excellent Announcement

Convert one plain old egg into a package for pregnancy announcement. Put a colorful paint on the egg and add some dots. Tuck a piece of paper containing the message into the egg.


Pregnant Pumpkin

If the pregnancy comes in the fall, use a pumpkin to pass the information about your pregnancy to your husband by cutting a bigger pumpkin and inserting a smaller one into it.


Stork Feather Note

A stock feather note can help you announce the fact that you are expecting a baby to your husband by placing the feather and the information on his pillow.


Tricycle Time

Buy a small bike for your new baby before your next bike ride with your hubby. Have the small baby bike placed near your two big bikes as a way of telling your hubby about your pregnancy.


Put Up Your Duke

Search for a cute boxing glove for a little kid online and order for it. This can be a great way to surprise both your hubby and every other person.


Book It

Find a book on Amazon that tells your husband he is going to be a dad soon and place it near his nightstand.


DIY Baby Cake Pops

Surprise your husband by making some baby cake pops as a way of telling him you there is a young lad in your womb.


Due Date Cookies

Bake some of your husband's favorite cookies and write the delivery date of them.


Propose 'Fatherhood' the Way He Did Marriage

Pop it as a surprise just like he did when he asked you t marry him.


Write It on Your Belly

Get artistic! Write on your tummy and wear a revealing dress.


Read His Fortune ... Actually

Arrange a Chinese night date and hand him a cute Chinese cookie that says you will welcome a new baby into your home in 9 months’ time.


Have Him Do the Math

Give him a simple math test; you and me=3!


Stash a Clue in Your Groceries

Attach a clue about the baby in the groceries.


For Husbands with a Sense of Humor

If your husband enjoys jokes, announce your pregnancy with a funny card or joke.


Say It with Ice Cream

There is an old saying that pregnant women don not joke with their ice creams. You can let the cat out of the bag by ordering a pregnancy reveal ice cream. If he fails to pick the hint, eat for two.


Spell It Out

If you and your husband love scrabble, spelling out the coming of a new baby can be a fun way to break the news.


Shirting the Subject

Get a colorful shirt that says your older son is going to be a big brother and make sure he wears it before your husband gets home!


The Secret's in the Sauce

Create a piece of information that says you and your husband are prego, paste it on his teas cup and watch his reaction as you hand him the cup.


It's in the Bag

Buy your husband a new sports bag and put a piece that reads, "Daddy's new sports bag.


Pooch Delivery

Write a note that says mum is pregnant and hang it on the puppy's collar. Your husband will get the message when the puppy runs to greet him when he gets home.

Others’ Stories

Below are some stories from other women talking about how to tell your husband you’re pregnant. In fact, it is always good to find a way of combining whichever method you choose for breaking the news to your husband into his daily routines.


When I was pregnant with my second child, I needed to break the news to my husband in a very memorable way, so I made a large chocolate cookie with a combination of blue and pink colors with the words, I'm pregnant boldly written on it.



When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I told my husband I just did something that would overshoot the budget. I asked for a paper so we could adjust the budget, and instead of a pen I handed him the ETP. At first he thought it must be a highlighter, but he later understood what it was and couldn't hide his excitement.



We made two custom shirts when we discovered I was pregnant. My husband's shirt said, I have a pea in the pod with a small arrow facing down, while mine said, I have a bun in her oven with a small arrow pointing towards me.



I announced my pregnancy to my husband by giving him a coupon with the words, Redeemable for one Baby-Available Feb., 2010. He was short of words, but he couldn't contain his excitement. We haven't told anyone yet until we see the doctor. So I just have to maintain a sealed lips for some weeks.


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