From parents worrying about their children’s disturbing behavior to just occasional acquaintances interested in what’s wrong with someone they are talking to, there are always reasons to know how to tell if someone is high. Armed with this knowledge, you can always adjust your behavior and conversation without any random guessing. This article will guide you through some obvious signs – but don’t rush to make any conclusions until you have all the evidence in place.

10 Ways to Tell That Someone Is on Marijuana


Junk Food Abuse

It’s a highly recognizable pattern of behavior made famous in our mass culture, but behind it there’s truth. After smoking pot or a joint of cannabis, people tend to disregard their eating habits and scavenge for literally every piece of high carb food they can find – most likely chips, fast food hamburgers, sweets, etc., devouring it as if they eat for the first time in their life!


Breath Fresheners

To conceal this lingering smell of marijuana, smokers are likely to chew mints and use all sorts of breath fresheners. However, if the people in question are open about their pot smoking, this probably wouldn’t apply, so it’s a bit ambiguous way of how to tell if someone is high.


Interrupted Attention

Losing the track of a conversation, sudden changes of the subject, wandering looks and extremely short attention span may all be the signs that someone you’re talking to is under influence. Sustaining a conversation with such a person can be difficult at times, and bringing him or her to the same page with you will be nearly impossible.


Interest in Certain Mass Culture

It’s highly likely that marijuana lovers will cling to watching movies on the subject – be it comedies or documentaries. But it’s not always limited to movies only – certain song lyrics make it obvious that the listener is not here for a fine tune only. Watch out for the likes of Pineapple Express, Super High Me, Harold and Kumar and Reefer Man.


Sudden Love of Cookies

Not everyone knows that love of brownies may be not just a cute eating habit. These innocent cookies are infamous for their compatibility with marijuana, and are also used as an alternative to smoking weed. If you haven’t noticed this love of brownies before, probably it’s time to tick one of the obvious signals.


Those Bedroom Posters

Wall posters are one of the most reliable ways to tell a person’s interests. You won’t hand anything in your private space without affiliating somehow with the subject, so the red, green, yellow tricolor or Bob Marley face up on the wall can give away a weed smoker or someone who’s leaning heavily towards this ideology.


Speaking in Riddles

When speaking to “outsiders” who are not members of this invitation-only smoker club, its members will be likely speaking in their in-language, so that no one else can understand the intricate allusions. Even if you are not familiar with the jargon, a few words are still likely to ring a bell, just listen attentively and you’ll get how to tell if someone is high.


Idleness Without a Cause

When stoned, people are most likely to enter a peculiar state of idleness that is characterized with the inability to perform even the simplest tasks that sometimes translates just in lying still and staring at the ceiling, or, at best, surfing through TV channels non-stop. If you wonder how to tell if someone is high, you should pay attention to this sign when it takes on surreal proportions and becomes uncontrollable.


Unusual Laughter

This surely gives away everyone on marijuana. The effect is short-term though, but it’s one of the most common indicators. Laughing without a reason and cracking up on everything in sight; when coupled with a stoned facial expression and bloodshot eyes, that means just it.


Yellowish Fingers

Just like with every smoker, yellowish fingers – thumbs and forefingers – indicate the habit of smoking a joint down to the filter (if any). Sometimes there are also little burns on skin and clothes as well. If you notice that this person also possesses smoking miscellanea like rolling papers, etc. but with no casual tobacco in sight, your suspicion can just turn out to be right.

Signs That Someone Is on Other Drugs

Each drug acts in its own way, for sure. If you want to know how to tell if someone is high, it’s also helpful to know what exactly the person is on to tackle possible consequences.

How to Tell If Someone Is on Cocaine

Some of the most ubiquitous signs that someone does cocaine are, surely, dilated eye pupils (which is also true for most of the drugs), hyperactivity, indecipherable speech characterized with losing the train of thoughts, and unusual excitement just about everything. Also, dusted nostrils and drug paraphernalia like rolled banknotes, razors and mirrors can hint on how to tell if someone is high on cocaine.


How to Tell If Someone Is on Heroin

Opiates, heroin included, are known to bring the person under influence into a state of immobility or even a sort of narcolepsy where falling asleep becomes uncontrollable and dozing here and there seems unmanageable. When someone’s on heroin, his or her eye pupils turn into small, abnormal dots, while the person can also seem to be tired all the time.


How to Tell If Someone Is on Ecstasy

The effect of ecstasy is in some sense very close to the one of cocaine – not accidentally, both drugs are highly popular in the club culture. Someone on ecstasy is likely to feel extremely amiable to all the people around due to lowered inhibitions, while reportedly he or she can also achieve a heightened sense of awareness that can result in almost a cathartic state. The notorious effect of ecstasy is a release of energy that can be sustained for a long period of time.


How to Tell If Someone Is on Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine affects people in a way that causes one of the most damaging behavior patterns. Apart from making a person take it for more and more runs repeatedly, meth causes sleeping and eating disorders, which results in prolonged bouts of insomnia (up to a few days) and a considerable weight loss alongside extremely pale complexion and attacks of anxiety.


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