People are sometimes good at taking care of others but often ignore themselves as taking their own care may appear like a hectic job. Not taking care of yourself can significantly jeopardize your relationships, confidence and definitely your life. Therefore you should definitely know how to take care of yourself, because the healthier and happier you are, the better your life will be.

How to Take Care of Yourself


List Down All the Basic Self-Care Goals for the Day

List down all the basic things that are involved in self pampering and begin your day, doing each of them such as a morning shower, eating breakfast, picking nice attire for the day even if you have no plans to go out. This will make you polish yourself all the time which will definitely place a positive impact on your life. If you won’t do all of these self care tasks then you are more likely to feel lethargic and depressed.


Kick Start the Day With Warm Lemon Water

Instead of caffeine, try sipping some warm water with 1tsp. unfiltered apple cider vinegar and a squeezed lemon (half). It’s not only tasty but it comes with a lot of handy benefits like it enhances digestion and liver functioning and it boosts the metabolism. It also serves as an alkalizing and hydrating drink. With a healthy drink in your system you can trust yourself to be more productive throughout your day.


Include All the Healthy Foods in Your Diet

Make your new motto to eat the healthiest food in the world. Dump all the junk you have so lovingly stored in your fridge or secret cabinets, and stock in fresh veggies and fruits. Yes, it may seem insane at this moment but once you understand that junk food is doing to you, you’ll be the one throwing it away. You may discuss it with the dietician to hand you over a healthy nutritious diet that suits you well.


Take Your Beauty Sleep

This obviously doesn’t mean you should ditch all your daily routine activities and sleep the whole day pretending to be the Disney princess (if you are a lady). Improper sleep can accelerate your ageing process and may deliberately minimize your mental health. Whereas sleeping well assists in restoring the energy levels, repairing the body and improving the concentration. Adequate amount of sleep also aids in maintaining an ideal body weight. This surely answers your prayers if you were wondering about how to take care of your body.


Take Regular Exercises and Workouts

Let’s face it, most of us are often caught typing: ‘’how to take care of yourself’’ into Google, when the truth is staring at us in the face. Squeeze in some physical activity in your routine. Let it be walk with your dog or a workout in the gym. Elevators are quick and convenient obviously, but try taking stairs instead. This will make your legs do some physical activity. Make sure you are indulged in some exercises or workouts each day.


Adopt a Positive Attitude

You can only take care of yourself if you are cleansed both from the inside and outside. Everyone can be pretty from the outside unless you are not familiar with basic make up stuff, but the question is, are you pretty from the inside? Develop a positive approach to everything and dump all your negative thoughts out of your system. If somehow you are facing difficulty in doing that, consult a therapist or watch/read self-help contents. Try spending time with people who have positive attitude towards everything, as this will motivate you.


Pinpoint Your Favorite Pastime

Explore the things that you enjoy doing during your free time. Look out for a group who shares the similar interests like yours and hang around with them doing those things. Try to know these people as well. Invite them for coffee, pizza or some fun activities. Maybe some of them might turn into your good friends whom you can share everything with. Use your social tactics to get on with your life. Socializing with people who share common interests will leave you feeling better and more enthusiastic towards life.


Don’t Make Saying ‘No’ a Big Deal

You must learn to say no to things that you don’t want to do. For this definitely you require confidence and a big bowl full of self-esteem. Refrain from things that consume a lot of your energy and expensive time and aren’t even productive. Once you set your goals, be sure to aim for them and cut off everything that gets in the way. The aim is not to make you selfish, it’s rather to make you more realistic and optimistic. Considerably it’s not going to be a piece of cake, but with keen determination you may accomplish it.


Stay Hygienic

Don’t even question the worth of staying hygienic. It’s like the most important. The last thing you want is people giving you weird looks and going all ‘’hey, you stink!’’. It’s important from psychological, medical and social aspects. Staying hygienic not only minimizes your chances of developing some illness but it also assists in sparkling your social profile and the way you feel about yourself.


Put on Your Best Dress

Know the latest fashion, what’s in and what’s out. Keep yourself updated with the current trend and fashion statements. Dressing up nicely will surely make you feel good about yourself. It’s not even a mountain of efforts anyway; all you have to do is put on the best dress hanging in your closet waiting to be worn, style your hair nicely and Viola! You will feel beautiful the rest of the day unless a bird poops on your clothes while you are heading for work or someplace else, which is entirely a different case.


Praise Yourself

You must praise yourself often and have regards about yourself to stay in a positive mood. This will help you distract your thoughts from the panic and stress that continues to haunt you. Give yourself mental praises about how great you are and how you brilliant your life is.


Break Up With Your Phone For a While

Not the easiest thing to do for sure, but try to unglue yourself from both your laptop and phone. This means you should take a time out from your internet life which may include social websites, emailing, blogging and other all-things-internet stuff and concentrate on your real life. Allow your brain the peace it seeks so it won’t get diffuse, not literally, by all the stress you add on it.


Say Hello to Mother Nature

This has been in practice for centuries. A quiet time with just the nature surrounding your entire existence, can give you inner peace and make your soul feel light and refreshed. You may join in the natural surrounding anytime you are free in your day. Watching the sunset with the birds flying away to their homes or the shimmering stars at night embracing the sky so demandingly, each scene has its impact on our soul.


Construct Your Own Safe Heaven

  • Feeling good about yourself can erase all the sorrows and pain that your heart holds on to. Make sure you laugh enough as it strengthens the lungs and boosts the muscle relaxation, apart from the obvious positive impact on anxiety. 

  • Indulging in leisure activities can make you stay healthy both mentally and physically. 

  • Take a trip down the memory lane and do things that you liked doing when you were a kid. 

  • Try to grab a handful of comedy movies and TV shows to have a laugh or two. 

  • Another way to feel good about yourself is by getting a therapeutic massage. 

  • Read enough books on how to take care of yourself.


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