There is something very addicting about a selfie. You angle your smartphone to the perfect angle, strike your best pose, and in just a few taps, you are able to completely shoot, edit and then share a self-portrait with the world. There's so much more to a selfie than just a face, and learning how to take a mirror selfie isn't just narcissistic, it's a way for people to share themselves with others, and re-connect with our increasingly fragmented communities.

7 Tips to Take an Amazing Mirror Selfie

To make your self-portrait easier, here are some useful tips you can follow to perfect that mirror selfie you just can't wait to share.

Try Some Variations

  • Stand as if you were looking in the mirror, but in fact, you're looking at the back of your phone or camera and hold your phone or camera as if you were taking a selfie. Then just find the angle that you like best when you're taking selfie with your phone.

  • Go as close as possible to the mirror and take the photo to get two of you in one mirror selfie. You can try cool emotions to get various effects and find the ones that you find most charming.

  • Or you can hold your phone or camera to the height of your chest, and take the selfie without letting the phone showing in the picture. You may trick others to believe that this is a photo taken by others, if your mirror is clean enough. 

  • Or if you do not like others to see your whole fact, place your phone in front of your face to leave room for imagination.


Plan Your Pose

When it comes to how to take a mirror selfie, planning your pose is key. You'll want to dress for the occasion, no pun intended. Bright colors contrasted against a neutral background works best, and the way that you stand often makes a statement about yourself. You'll want something that is fashion forward. Here are some poses for you to consider:

One Leg Standout

The one leg standout will add length to your profile and accentuate your face, while showing off your outfit. When taking this selfie, you will want to be looking straight into the mirror. If you want to use your right/left leg to stand away from your body, place your right/left hand on your hip, your head tilted to the right/left, and gaze innocently into the mirror. Don't forget to point your toe.

Legs Slightly Separated

This full portrait shot has you standing with your legs slightly separated, your hand by your side, and your head casually looking at the smart-phone. It's a great photo that creates a more flattering, smoother line, especially when you'd like to show off your whole look and even better if you lift up one heel before snapping the picture.

The Crossover

This pose has you stand with one leg over the other, with your feet touching. A great variation is crossing your legs while bending your knee slightly, and pointing your toe toward the floor. Angling the front of your leg a little toward the mirror makes it appear longer and leaner, and it's especially flattering when wearing your favorite skirts.

It's Not About the Face

Smiling awkwardly at yourself isn't really the ideal way for you to show character. Sometimes, it's not about the face, smirk a little, and look down at your camera rather than the mirror. Try pouting or using a sideways glance to add some depth to the overall portrait. Keep it mysterious and interesting.


It’s About Positioning

Where you are standing and how you position your smart-phone will also have a major effect on how to take a mirror selfie, and how your photo turns out. Before snapping the picture, make sure you:

Preview the Pose

You'll want to get a full body shot when taking a mirror selfie. Make sure you preview the pose ensuring everything from your head to your toes is visible in the frame. Take note that there is enough room on both sides of you to form a square if you are using Instagram.

Smart-Phone Placement

The most flattering angle to place the smart-phone is beside your face. However, if you want to look slimmer, move the smart-phone closer to the mirror, and center the smart-phone under your chin. This angle will make you appear thinner, but your head will look larger.


Clean Up Clutter

If you're learning how to take a mirror selfie, remember there should not be clutter in the background. Clutter may distract your viewers from your image and the details of your outfit, which can ruin your perfect mirror selfie. How the room looks adds depth to the overall quality of your mirror selfie and focuses all the attention on you, so make sure it's clean.


Pick a Neutral Background

When possible, pick a room that is painted with a neutral color, such as light blue, white, green, yellow, or pink. Look at the side opposite the mirror, and make sure it's clean. If you are using a mirror mounted on a wall or door, you have no choice but to use the opposite side of the mirror as your background. When this is the case, just make sure that anything the mirror reflects looks neutral.


Get a Full-Length Mirror

The full length mirror is the most important thing you'll need to produce the perfect selfie. There is really no other way to capture your whole body without it. Mirrors that are mounted on the walls or doors are the best ones for a mirror selfie, because of the neutral angle it provides. However, the problem with a wall-mounted mirror is that you can't move it like you can free standing mirrors and make sure it's not facing direct light.


Make Sure the Mirror Is Spotless

A perfect mirror selfie requires a spotless full length mirror. In fact, stubborn mirror stains can ruin your photo; make sure that the mirror is clean. Check for overlooked water spots that are hard to clean off. If you don't have glass cleaner, just use white vinegar and lemon juice as a substitute, and make sure you use a lint-free cloth.


Have Proper Lighting

When learning how to take a mirror selfie, lighting is critical. It brings your photo to life. The best light is natural light, so you'll want to take advantage of it during the day. Open some windows and allow the sun to penetrate into the room, and be sure not to pose against the light when taking your mirror selfie.

If you're taking a mirror selfie during night, make sure that the room is artificially well-lit. Ideally, a good mix of yellow and white light will enhance your skin tone. Fluorescent and bright white tends to make your skin appear dull, or even darker than your actual skin color, while incandescent light may be too low and soft to light up the room correctly. Try to use the appropriate lighting for the best shot.


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