The main obstacle that’s stopping most people from going on a diet is the cruel reality that they will have to often go hungry (the other is because foods are delicious, we don’t want to part ways with it). There are plenty of natural ways to tame the appetite, and as many that could undo them. How to suppress your appetite? Here are some methods to curb your hunger and keep you sticking on that diet.

How to Suppress Your Appetite: 10 Original Methods to Help You Suppress Appetite Easily


Drink More Water

Probably the most quintessential of all dieting tips, drinking tons of water will help a lot to keep hunger at bay. Make sure to drink before, during and after your meals to keep you fuller than you should be. When the hunger pang hits you, drink a huge glass of water before thinking about grabbing some food, this should stop you from eating more.

If plain water gets a little too boring for you, try this out to keep it fresh: Lemon or cucumber water, which makes your drinks more flavorful and refreshing. Not only will it stimulate your tongue, the additional vitamins will be essential since you might miss out some of them from your diet. Slice out the cucumber or lemon, leave it on your glass of water the whole day.


Brush Teeth

If you have ever drunk orange juice after a brush, you should know how unpalatable it tastes. Minty toothpaste does that to your palate and destroys the taste of those sugary cravings. Moreover, you will be less likely to grab a snack after a brush, everything will taste terrible and it’s too much of a hassle to brush again anyway.

However, never brush more than 3 times a day, since too much brushing will only damage your teeth (wear away the enamel layer). Do it after the main three meals.

You can also trick your body into feeling full with chewing some minty gum. Get the sugarless one of course!



Cravings come and go, so if you can somehow distract yourself for around 15 minutes, it should be gone by then. Do a short, intense exercise instead. You will burn calories instead of trying to get more and the endorphin release and will keep you relatively satisfied. Do a set of 20 push-ups, climb up and down a flight of stairs or go for a brisk walk.


Keep Yourself Busy

When you are bored, you crave for something to eat. The time you have on hand can always be filled with more food. Be active at work and at home, keep finding something to do and avoid making your way into the kitchen as the only activity you will be doing. Meet some people, play computer games, take a walk down the park, whatever, just don’t let your body realize it’s hungry!


Eat Ginger

Ginger is well-known for centuries for its powerful digestive enhancing power, it is also effective for the issue of how to suppress your appetite. Grate a little in your smoothie or have in an Indian curry, ginger warms your body up and improve your digestions, making you feeling less hungry for longer.


Drink a Cup of Green Tea

For the non-coffee drinker that can’t just drink plain water the whole day long, have a sip of a piping hot green tea. Not only will the additional liquid keep you fuller longer, the catechins in the tea slows down the glucose to fat cells movements, and slowing down your blood sugar increase, therefore preventing high insulin and lessening storage of fats. A stable blood sugar level means a stable hunger level!


Food-Scented Candles

Have food-scented candles around or smell some food throughout your day. Scents of peppermints, banana, vanilla and green apple have been known to reduce the calories people take overall, an excellent trick your brain plays on you. You might also try scented lip balm for the same effect.


Meal on a Blue Plate

Try this little psychological trick for your next meal. Eat food on a blue plate. Research has shown that blue is the anti-appetite colors since you never really find blue foods in the wild and so your appetite will naturally be against it. Orange, yellow and red will increase your appetite and get your craving going, that’s why fast food restaurants tend to use them for their brand logo.


Sleep Well

Sleep deprivation raises your appetite to make up for the feeling of tiredness. You end up craving high calorie, junk food and eating more food throughout the day as a result. Sleeping too much does the same thing too. Get the recommended 7 to 8 hours of nightly sleep to keep your appetite stable and feeling energetic enough to make the right decisions.


Avoid Sweeteners

Sweeteners spike up your insulin level (a condition known as sugar rush), which will leave you tired after drinking, then makes you crave for some munchies. Cut any sweeteners in your coffee or tea. If you must have some sweetness for your drink, then add less, so that it sweetens your drink while leaving your insulin level relatively at its usual level.


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