There are several reasons why most women want to stop their periods. Some of these reasons are related, while some are not. Some women wish to stop their periods to enable them have a nice time with their partners, some wish to stop their periods because they want to embark on a journey and having their periods could make things dull for them, while some women do not even want the periods at all due to the discomforts and complications they bring in their wake. Whatever be your reason for wishing to stop your periods, there are different ways to achieve this such as surgical means, natural means, through contraceptives, etc.

Is it Possible to Stop Period?


There are actually different ways you can stop your periods medically. You can keep taking anti-contraceptives so consistently that you miss the bloody week, or get some menopause stimulating shots. However, both options come with a level of risk.

Taking some external hormones might help you get some temporary reliefs, but in the end, they may contribute to some long-term problems. Some common side-effects of such hormone-enhancing drugs include depression, weight gain, migraine, etc.

But you must know that when you interrupt the normal hormonal cycle of your body, you end up confusing your fragile endocrine system, and when the time to stop the medication comes, your body ends up becoming more confused than it has ever been.

How to Stop Your Period: 9 Ways to Stay Away from Pain


How to Stop Your Period: Surgical Methods

Before deciding on any technique to stop your periods, you must not forget to take their physical and psychological side-effects into consideration. When it comes to surgery, talk to your doctor for some professional advice.

  • Hysterectomy

    Surgery remains one of the easiest ways to stop your periods. Hysterectomy is one common example, and it involves the removal of the uterus. However, there are certain forms of hysterectomy that permits the patient to keep her ovaries. This procedure is not ideal for women whose periods come out heavily and women who are no longer giving births. Adequate precaution should be taken during this process since it is linked to a number of adverse effects such as premature aging, hot flashes, etc.

  • Endometrial Ablation

    Another effective invasive technique that comes up whenever the issue of how to stop your period is being discussed. This can be easily carried out in the office since it requires very short time.


How to Stop Your Period: Non-Surgical Methods

  • Take Some Ibuprofen

    Taking 3 tablets of Ibuprofen every 6 hours can help you go through the day without your menstrual flows, but make sure you eat well before taking them. Make sure you speak to your doctor before you take Ibuprofen for medical guidance.

  • DMPA Injections

    DMPA injections can also help stop menstrual flows. Most people prefer these injections because they help deal with the symptoms of menstrual flows like cramps, heavy bleeding, pre-menstrual stress, etc.

  • Lady's Mantle

    The compounds and essential oils contained in this plant help contract the muscles of the uterus and put an end to very heavy bleeding. The extract from the leaves of this plant also help in blood clotting and tightening the blood vessels. When taken for a couple of months, it can help stop menstrual flows completely. The normal dose is 20-30 drops of the extracts taken at least three times daily for about 3 weeks before the expected date period.

    Other herbs that help regulate menstrual flow or stop it completely include mustard seeds, cinnamon, chaste tree, banana flowers, raspberry tea, etc.

  • Alcohol

    Alcohol is known to inhibit your menstrual flows for a couple of hours, but this isn't a very viable option because you can't keep getting drunk each time you want to stop your periods.

  • Gelatin

    Gelatin is effective for stopping your menstrual flows for some hours. Mix the gelatin with water and drink. It works within 3 hours.

  • Use Menstrual Cups

    Menstrual cups, just like tampons, can prevent any fluid from escaping. However, unlike that a tampon absorbs blood, the menstrual cup only catches the blood. You can effectively hide your period for whatever purposes for 12 hours by using menstrual cups.

  • Other Natural Means

    Other natural means include regular exercises, but this should be done under professional supervision.


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