For many women, a menstruation period comes with pain, cramps, bloating and the feeling of not feeling at your best shape. Many may wonder how to stop period from happening, as they may have a special day that they want to feel great for, such as a wedding or going on a vacation. The good news is that there are several options for women who are looking for an answer to how to make your period stop.

How to Stop Period with Non-Surgical Methods

Stopping a period is not something that is going to benefit your health wise, likewise there have been no instances in which stopping a period has been known to lead to health issues. The option of stopping a period is the woman's personal choice.

Use the Contraceptives

Probably the most popular method for how to stop period issues is through the use of contraceptives. The most popular form is with the pill. However, contraceptives can also be injected and come in patch form, as well as those that are implanted into the body in some method. With the use of these contraceptives, over time most women find that their periods greatly lighten or decrease altogether. However, once these contraceptives are stopped, periods do return to normal. These contraceptives have hormones in them that are going to stop the ovulation and fertilization of eggs. Thus, over time, the need for a period is not being seen by the body.


Use Medications

There are several medications on the market that can help in making a period lighter or stopping it altogether. The use of NSAID's, such as ibuprofen, can help to make a period lighter, and deal with the pain that is often associated with a period. For those who are wondering how to stop period with medications, then GnRH-A can be of use. However, this medication is not meant for long term use, as it can severely weaken bones in the body or even lead to bone loss.


Flexible Cups During Your Period

In terms of how to stop period, the use of flexible cups can help to avoid some of the issues that a period brings. A flex cup is placed up into the vagina and collects the menstrual blood. The woman does not have to worry about using tampons or sanitary pads, as the cup collects all the blood. For many women this is just as good as completely stopping their period, as they do not have to deal with flow issues.

How to Stop Period with Surgical Methods

Some medical conditions can make a period heavier and cause the woman to have more issues such as having a uterine fibroid, endometriosis, and myoma. When this is the case, the doctor may recommend a surgical route which is usually the last options as it's permanent in most cases.


This type of surgical process completely removes the uterus, which in turn stops the period. This is a serious surgery that requires a lot of down time and puts a lot of restrictions on the woman until she is fully healed. In addition, women who have this surgery are more likely to have hormonal balance issues, which may increase the need for hormonal replacement therapy.


Endometrial Ablation

This procedure is complete in office and does not require much down time for the woman. A wand with mesh is inserted into the vagina, and there are short radio frequencies that are burst through the uterus. These frequencies are known to help make periods lighter or stop these altogether. The best news is that this is not invasive and it does not mess with the hormones of the woman.

How to Stop Period with Natural Ways


Lady's Mantle

This herb is usually found in essential oil format and taking this can help to contract the uterine muscles and stop a heavy flow thanks to the properties of this herb that help to tighten blood vessels and encourage clotting. This can be taken 3 times per day, for 3 weeks before your period to see the best results.


Shepherd's Purse

This has been used throughout history as a way to regulate bleeding and to stop heavy bleeding with periods. This should be boiled in water. Then drink it. When used over time, this can completely stop periods. Even when used at first, it can help with heavy bleeding that many women report on their period. This can be used every day as a tea to see results or even taken commercially.



This has been used in the form of a tea for centuries to stop bleeding and many people recommend it to women who are looking to stop their periods. Simply boil this tea, and drink a cup every day with a little honey for taste, and you will see a dramatic improvement in your periods, and eventually they will stop.



Concerning how to stop period, there're other simple ways which can help to lighten it and make the period time easier to go through.

  • Vinegar: Add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink this every day. This can help to lower the flow and even help to stop periods.

  • Gelatin: This method works in how to stop period for a few hours. Mix the gelatin with water and drink this rather fast. Within a few hours, the period will stop.

  • Lemon: This is an old age remedy that involves eating or sucking on a lemon to help shorten the period and even stop it within a few hours.


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