Menstruation period is usually a dreadful time for most women particularly during a heavy blood flow. A heavy menstrual period, also known as menorrhagia on medical terms, is the extreme bleeding that is usually prolonged. This normally leads to great discomfort, a feeling of weakness and light-headedness. 

Heavy periods can be influenced by obese, the use of some medications and genetic bleeding disorder. In some cases, it affects woman of childbearing age. However, heavy periods are more likely to happen if the girl's period has just started and her ovulation is not regular and proper yet and if a woman is in her pre-menopausal period.

What Is a Heavy Period?

Women have different menstrual cycles. Normally, a menstrual flow is expected to take place every 28 days. The cycle may range between 21 days and 35 days. A normal period lasts for about 4 days leading to a loss of about 30 – 40 milliliters of blood, which is about 2-3 tablespoons.

Heavy blood flow usually causes a loss of 80 milliliters of blood, which means that the blood can soak a tampon in every 2 to 3 hours. In some cases, the period could last for more than seven days. Therefore, learning how to stop heavy period bleeding is important during such times.

How to Stop Heavy Periods


Tighten Uterus Muscles Using Lady’s Mantle

The lady’s mantle also known as alchemilla vulgaris is an herb treatment aimed at reducing blood flow. The herb’s leaf is used to produce the medicine. It has a very strong muscle tightening and contraction, blood coagulation and blood vessel tightening effects useful to normalize menstruation.

It is effectively used through a dose of about 10-30 drops for three times a day before the menstrual cycle – usually about 2-3 weeks. This prepares for a reduced-normal blood flow during menstruation period.


Examine Shepherd’s Purse for Quick Help

Shepherd’s purse also known as capsella bursa pastoris is useful in the reduction of blood flow in a few minutes and must offer relief when used during heavy blood flow. Additionally, the herb is also useful in dealing with postpartum bleeding. It works through its strong astringent property that causes the blood vessels to constrict, leading to a reduced flow of blood.

It should be administered through the use of 1milliliter of warm water mixed with about 1-2 tablespoons of shepherd’s purse.


Use Comfrey to Shrink Blood Vessels

Comfrey is the best heavy bleeding remedy normally used to tighten blood vessels through vasoconstriction – the closing of blood vessels. This helps to reduce bleeding during heavy periods.

For the best results, use two tablespoons of comfrey leaves mixed together in warm water and steeped for about 30 minutes. During heavy bleeding, a cup of this mixture can be taken every day to reduce the flow. A mixture with tea can also be used – the results are just as good.


Balance Your Hormones Using Chaste Tree

Hormones can be balanced through the use of chaste tree also known as vitex agnus castex. Chaste tree induces progesterone production useful in the prevention of menstrual bleeding. This is achieved through the normalization of female hormone cycle balance. Further, it enhances the production of high progesterone amounts that prevents estrogen release, hence reducing uterine bleeding.

Effective application would require the use of about 30 drops of chaste tree tincture for 4 times in each day of a heavy blood flow cycle.


Take Cinnamon–Enhanced Diet

Cinnamon is a widely known spice that has been used in cooking and has very useful characteristics of providing a reprieve from heavy bleeding. It is an effective way of stopping heavy bleeding because of its tannins content that has great solution of how to stop heavy periods.

To get helped, mix a cup of water with a tablespoon of powdered cinnamon. This should be taken after every fifteen minutes during the heavy menstrual period to reduce and normalize the cycle.


Use Ginger Infusion

A ginger infusion helps to provide relief and stop menstrual flow once taken. It is prepared by pounding and boiling the ginger inside water for some minutes. For ease of consumption, sweeten the infusion using honey or sugar to make it soothing. You can take this infusion after meals – at least three times a day.


Take Mustard Seeds and Milk

The mustard seeds-milk option is a perfect home remedy for stopping menstrual flows. This remedy is prepared by taking about 40 grams of dried mustard seeds and drudge them to a very fine powder. Use 2 grams of this powder with milk two times per day prior to or during the heavy menstrual period to counteract extreme bleeding.


Eat Cooked Banana Flower

Taking in cooked banana flower along with a cup of curd increases the production of progesterone and assists in the control of extra menstrual bleeding. This is a very effective natural solution of how to stop periods bleeding.


Use Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen can be taken when there is heavy menstrual flow. This over-the-counter anti-prostaglandin should be taken in one tablet of 200mg after every 4 to 6 hours while awake. Blood flow is often decreased by between 25% and 30%. Further, it reduces menstrual cycle cramps.

Taking Care of Yourself During Heavy Periods


A low blood volume in your body system will make you feel dizzy. Your heart will even pound when you wake up from lying on the ground. Take more salty fluids like bouillon and vegetable juices like tomato. A good remedy would require about 4-6 cups of about 1-1 ½ liter cups.


Consume foods rich in magnesium to lessen estrogen release. Magnesium is useful in creating a balance of female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. Decreased magnesium content increases estrogen hormone level, leading to heavy bleeding. Rich dark chocolates are a good option for magnesium source for your body.


Eat foods that are rich in vitamin C and iron to enhance the clotting of blood. These include fruits and vegetables. Iron is useful in the development of red blood cells. Vitamin C and iron complement one another as vitamin C can enhance the absorption of iron needed for easy clotting of blood.

When to See a Doctor for Heavy Periods

Menstrual flow needs the intervention of a medical doctor especially when it lasts for more than 7 days or more despite using the recommended home remedies. Consult a gynecologist to get help on how to stop heavy periods if:

  • There is extreme bleeding in all consecutive cycles

  • Period is accompanied by unusual vaginal discharge

  • Thick blood clots are passed more than a day

  • Extreme bleeding comes with vomiting, nausea or diarrhea

  • Extreme bleeding comes with or after a fever

  • You have an anemic condition


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