You know what I’m talking about and yes we’ve all been there. If you haven’t then the chances are that you’ve never been high or never more than two or three pulls of marijuana. Being high can be very scary, especially for first timers. The effects drugs can have on your body depends on what you’ve taken and how much of it you’ve taken. Below are some suggestions for things you can do if want to stop being high after you’ve had a bit too much of the green stuff or other drugs.

10 Tips on How to Stop Being High in Short Time


Dab some cold water on your face or take a shower

This is one of the first things you should try doing as it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Plus it’s a good method to make you sober up quickly especially if you feel like you have been out of control.

Please note that if you’re high, you may want to steer clear of mirrors as some people have reported feeling strange and disconnected when looking into them.


Change your environment

Changing your scenery can make a big difference to the way you feel so when you’re high and indoors, go outside for some fresh air. Also if you have been smoking weed, going outside can eradicate the odor in your hair and clothes. Take a walk and check the road properly before you cross. You could also try to focus very hard on your new surroundings, too.


Drink water

Lots of liquids such as water will do you good when you are high. Especially because you get a dry mouth (if you have smoked weed). Water can help calm you down and keep you hydrated which is what you may need when you are high.


Drink coffee

Drinking coffee won’t necessarily reduce your high, however, it can certainly increase your level of alertness. So if you’re feeling a little bit drowsy then drink some coffee. If you don’t like coffee then you could try an energy drink instead or anything that contains caffeine.

Please note that sometimes, depending on what kind of drugs you have taken, consuming too much coffee could be a bad idea. This is because drugs and other substances that you put in your body could make you react badly. This effect can be brought on when you take more and more of different types of substances.


Excuse your friends

If you’re in the presence of friends then ask to be excused as there is nothing more mentally difficult than trying to be “normal” among a group of friends who may be laughing at you or making it harder. Getting some time alone can do you a lot of good and help you get over your high a lot more quickly.


Breathe in and out

Staying calm is key in how to stop being high. Doing anything out of panic could make you feel paranoid, so if it’s weed you are smoking, remind yourself that you cannot overdose on it and you will be fine in no time. Also keep reminding yourself that you will soon be sober and that no high lasts forever. Your high may last more than 5 hours but you will eventually get through it. Keep calm and try not to panic too much.


Stay calm and listen to your body’s needs

Inhale and exhale very slowly and not too fast because you could start hyperventilating, which can make you feel worse. More often than not, people who are high hyperventilate and don’t even know it so try and focus on your breathing. Breathing too quickly can send you into a panic attack. Inhale for seven seconds and exhale for eleven seconds. This helps you regulate your breathing and also gets rid of the extra oxygen in your body.


Eat healthy

Try and eat something healthy and stay away from fatty foods. Fatty food are like a catalyst for THC what you want to do is stop being high and not enhance it.



Take a pill like Tylenol or any medicine you can get over the counter medicine that has acetaminophen in it. This will help you solve how to stop being high faster.


Don’t have a fag

There’s a pervasive idea that smoking a cigarette after consuming weed can help stop or lower your high. However, contrary to popular belief it is actually false. Weed can actually make things worse. Smoking a cigarette after enhances the effect by 11% and if you smoke a menthol one it can increase it by 20%.

How to Pretend to Be Cool in Public After Being High


Get the right equipment

Things you’re going to need is gum and water as this helps prevent the cotton mouth. Other equipment you may need is a pair of sunglasses and iced coffee. To curb your hunger, (if you have been prescribed with Adderall), it may be worth taking a few.


Pretend to be on the phone

If you run into someone you know and want to save your skin or interact with them when you’re high then you could just pretend you’re having a very important phone conversation. This is a great way to avoid people and not have to worry about them noticing that you’re high.


Use eye drops for red eyes

A usual occurrence from smoking marijuana is red eyes. You may not necessarily want to speak to your parents or strangers with red eyes, as it can be quite scary so use eye drops like Visine or any good one from a pharmacy.


Eliminate bad odors with perfume

If you have been smoking, a majority of the times, people will be able to suss out what you’ve been doing (especially if it’s marijuana as it has a distinct odor) to mask up the drug smell on you, then you could try taking a shower, changing into a different set of clothes or using a nice fragrance that will help cover it up.

Please note that using too much perfume/cologne could draw more attention to the drug odor on you rather than conceal it.


Don’t assume that people can’t tell you’re high

This is the last but not least tip on how to stop being high or at least fake it like the real thing. People who are high sometimes worry about others being able to tell that they’re under the influence. Try not to worry so much about this because people usually can’t tell if someone is high unless they are purposefully looking out for signs. It’s actually quite difficult for normal people to tell when someone is high, even if you are and some people look completely fine when they are under the influence of certain drugs.

Know the Risks of Overdosing

A lot of people who get nervous from being high are okay and are not in danger but some drugs can be extremely harmful an dangerous if you take too much of them. In order for you to be safe it is vital for you to know about the different effects of overdosing on drugs. Listed below are some signs and symptoms of overdosing on certain drugs:

  • Ecstasy MDMA and Molly: Overheating, increased heart rate, severe dehydration, stroke, cardiac arrest,

  • Cocaine: Overheating, increased heart rate, nausea, seizures, chest pains breathing difficulty

  • Heroin: breathing difficulty, no breathing at all, coma, weak pulse, bluish skin

  • Methamphetamine: Serious agitation, stomach pain, very high heart rate, paranoia, pains in chest, cardiac arrest, paranoia,

  • Opiate painkillers (OxyContin, codeine, Vicodin, etc.): breathing difficulty, limp body, weak or extremely slow pulse, nausea, breathing that sounds like choking, difficulty in speaking, , bluish skin


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