Having trouble fitting into your favorite skinny jeans or hot shorts? Focus your exercise on the legs to slim your thighs down! There is no such thing "a targeted fat reducing exercise", but you are going to convert those fats into compact toned muscles. Strong legs equal sexy legs and with enough hard work, you too will get the slim legs of your dreams. How to slim down thighs? Learn some tips that will best help you attain those skinny thighs.

How to Slim Down Thighs: Control Your Calorie Intake


Calculate calories

The key to losing weight is to take in fewer calories than what you burn through the day. There is no other reliable way but this formula. One pound of weights is about 3500 calories, so lose one pound of weights, you are going to need to burn 3500 calories more than what you eat.

  • Don’t go for one pound in one go, 3500 calories are a lot to burn in one day, self-destructive even. Discipline yourself to have to exercise and eat healthy, aim to lose around 600 to 800 calories per day first. This will mean eating 1700 calories worth of food then burning approximately 2400 calories per day.

  • Have a journal to write down everything you eat and all the calories it contains. You won’t go far with just mentally counting them, write them down to make it clear to you and you might be surprised by how much you take in one day.


Don't starve

Don’t ever try to starve yourself, it will only damage your body unnecessarily, even cause yourself to gain weight. When your body start losing its usual energy intake, it will react by retaining as much energy in the form of fats in the preparation of not getting as much food. Basically, your body is going into hibernation mode. You will start losing muscle and lean tissue instead of the fats. So please do not consider starving yourself.


Food selection

To shed off fats from your whole body in general, you will need the right kind of foods. Doctors, dietician, and researchers all recommend a combination of the following item: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, nuts, and seeds, etc.

For the wrong kind of foods, just stay away from it. Saturated fats, processed foods, and high glycemic diet food should all be avoided at all cost. Low carbs diet also minimizes your consumption of these groups of food. Some of the wrong foods are:

  • Simple carbohydrates: White bread, normal pasta, etc.

  • Refined sugars: Sodas, cakes, candy, etc.

  • Saturated and trans-fats: lard, margarine, butter, solid shortening, etc.


Keep hydrated

Last but not least, water. Drink lots of them. Keep your body hydrated, the organs happy and make your feeling fuller than reality. Before you start a meal, drink a glass of water and you will feel full much faster than usual, then you won’t be eating as much as usual. When you feel really hungry, try quelling your hunger with a glass of water.

How to Slim Down Thighs: Choose Your Favorite Exercise


Embrace cardio to slim legs

Thirty minutes of cardio, at least, five days a week is the most important regime for a leaner lower body. While targetted fat shedding is not possible yet, having an overall healthier body weight is what will bring the real results for a pair of slim, sexy legs.

When your BMI is unhealthy, toning your lower body and having the right proportionate for your body is only going to be much more difficult. Focus on the basics first.


Single leg squat

Stand straight, feet together, arms by the sides. Now shift your weight to the left foot. Rest your right leg’s toe next to the left foot to balance.

Make sure your back is straight. Bend your hips and knees. Gently sit back towards your right leg. Hold your arms ninety degrees straight in front or beside you, as you lower, you can also hold a chair for balance. Once the thing is close to parallel to the floor, holding it there for a few seconds. Finally, press into your left foot with your heel and push yourself back up.


Bent knee crossover

Go onto the push-up position, back flat while your head down in line with the back. Bend your right knee at a ninety-degree angle, lifting your right leg up and back, thus, the sole of the right foot will be facing the sky. Cross your right leg over the calf of the left. Make sure your buttocks remains tight through this exercise. Back to starting position and repeat the set, alternating between each leg. Ankle weights could be added for a more rigorous exercise.


Side to side pliés

Stand up straight, face looking ahead, with your feet about three feet apart. Your legs should be facing forty-five degrees outwards. Hands resting on the hips. This is a four count move, so follow closely. Start with squatting down, as low as possible. Your posture should remain as it is, back straight, knees pointing out and hand on hips. Dip into the plié holds it there for thirty seconds. Afterward, straighten your legs, sliding your right heel into the left and squeeze the inner thigh together for another thirty seconds. Big step out to the right and back to plié. Slide your left heel in and one rep will be done. Repeat for about ten times.


Crescent kicks

Stand up straight, arms down by your side, feet hip-width apart, looking straight ahead. Step on your right foot, brush the left forwards to sweep a circle on the floor from the right to the left with the leg. Step on your left foot and repeat for your other side for one rep. Repeat the exercise for about ten times.

The circular motion slims and tones the inner thighs while at the same time stretch the inner thighs muscles as you open the leg up.


Butterfly stretch

Finish with a relaxing stretch to minimize soreness and improve flexibility. Sit down, bottom of the feet sandwiched as one and knees relaxed, crossing onto the opposite leg’s ankle. Breathe in, lean forward slowly, keeping the feet as positioned, move your chest towards the feet and feel the stretch in the inner thighs as you breathe out. Hold this downwards position for around thirty counts and relax. Once is enough.


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