Dogs are undoubtedly man's best friends. Knowing how to show your dogs you love them is important. It goes beyond giving them good treatments. In fact, too much of good treats can spoil them. Taking care of your dogs also involve many aspects which are all listed below.

How to Show Your Dogs You Love Them: 13 Easy Ways You Can Follow


Rules and Boundaries

Make necessary rules and enforce them all the time as a way proving your love to your dogs. Behaviors and rules will go a long way to help your dogs understand which ones are considered acceptable behaviors and which ones are not. This will show them how much they are loved, and will make them feel safe knowing you are always looking out and caring for them.

Your dogs should be let in on the dos and don'ts of living in your home. Teach them where to defecate, not to chew on clothes and furniture, and not to eat food not meant for them. Set boundaries to help them cope better with the outside world. This will reduce their potentials for exhibiting dangerous tendencies when outside your home.


Exercises and Trainings

Dogs are physical beings, and they hate being cooped up. This will deny them the chance to run and chase after things. Taking them for walks enables them sniff and pick unique scents. Dogs have the ability to interpret scents and smells like people do languages, and they always love to know who was in the neighborhood at any given time.

Consider reward-based trainings. Add about 2 different daily training programs that lasts at least 10-20 minutes, and make sure they are fun activities. If these activities are still new to your dogs, you can begin with the basics such as stay, sit, and come. Device a way of rewarding the dogs when they learn new tricks. Dogs enjoy these rewards and will often show them off to visitors each time they learn a new thing.



A routine creates security, and this makes every dog happy. To dogs, routines are all about knowing the right time to get up, go for walks, eat, get groomed, and go to sleep. Mapping out specific times for each of these activities shows how much you love your dogs.



Give your dogs special treats when they behave well. These treats can be more foods, praises, a new game, or a new toy. Whenever you choose to treat your dogs to good foods, make sure you choose good dog food, or prepare them yourself. Giving them such treats as soon as they exhibit such good behaviors will enable them associate the treat with the behaviors.


Nutritious Diet

Get a recommendation from your vet as regards the right food to feed your dogs with to enable them get all the vital nutrients they need to stay healthy. Bringing them health certainly answers how to show your dogs you love them.


Belly Rub

Give them some more belly rubs. Every dog enjoys this special attention and affection. Find the dog's erogenous zone and tickle him there.


Playing with Them

Make out time to play with your dogs regularly. If you can go down on all fours, it will give them a sense of equality and trust. Such plays will reduce the possibility of your dogs feeling aggressive and possessive.


Learning Their Languages

Pay more attention to the body languages your dogs exhibit. Try to know when they are trying to pass a message to you. When you see your dog lower his head or look away, he is uncomfortable. When he wriggles his tail vigorously, he is excited. When he cowers and brings his tail low, he is stressed. Knowing these signs will enable you respond better.


A Bath

If your dogs enjoy the sensation they get from water splashes, bathe them for longer periods. It is also a way of spending more time with them.


Creating a Space for Them

Everyone loves to have his place, even your dogs do. Create a safe place for your dog to withdraw to and get some sleep when he is stressed or not in the mood for company.


Talking to Them

Your dogs won't possibly understand the things you say, but they will be happy to hear you speak and happy to have you around them.


Staying with Them and Cherishing Them

Respect your dogs and cherish the love they have brought into your home. Always show them kindness and be considerate when meting out treatments to them. Treat them like you would treat your family. Speak kindly always because they have a way of reading your voice tones.



Dogs want to feel like they belong to the family. Make sure you include them in all family activities such as group road walks, dinners, picnics, etc.


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