It is quite normal to have hair on your butt even if that is around the anus. You need to know that body hair is not without a purpose – it keeps you warm and plays a role in regulating body temperature. However, it is not unusual to find people who want to shave the butt. This does not have to be very difficult if you keep a few important things in mind while shaving. Keep reading to learn more.

Steps on How to Shave Your Butt


Take a Bath

It is always a good idea to take a bath before you start shaving because this will help prevent any bacterial infection that may develop while shaving. Take a hot shower and clean your body thoroughly. This will help soft hair on your skin and prepare it for shaving. Always use a fresh towel to dry off to avoid being exposed to new bacteria.


Use a Clean Razor

You should ensure that you use a fresh razor for the task. If you are using any existing razor, you should clean it first and remove any debris and bacteria. Using a heavy stream of water on the blade will help eliminate any hair lodged between the blades. You may also consider tapping it at the base of the sink to get rid of hair. Apply some rubbing alcohol on the blades after you have removed hair from the blades.

Be sure to clean an electric groomer if you are going to use that. Simply open it and remove stray hairs first. Dab some alcohol using a cotton swab to disinfect the unit.


Be Sure to Trim First

One important thing to remember while learning how to shave your butt is to trim your hair before you start shaving. If you do not trim first, you will have a clogged razor that will fail to work effectively. Similarly, an electric razor will fail to shave long hair and may even leave you with painful snagging. You will be better off using a trimmer first and then using a razor for a closer shave.


Use Some Gel

Make use of gel before you start shaving. Simply take some of it into your palm and add a little water to it. Now, apply it to one of your buttocks – this will ensure that you can easily pull your buttocks apart while shaving. Clean your hands with water.


Shave Your Butt

Once you have taken all necessary steps to prepare the area, you can final proceed with shaving your butt. Here is how to proceed:

  • Take your razor blade and wet it with cold water.

  • Stand up with your butt towards the mirror in the bathroom. This makes it easier to shave without having to strain your back too much.

  • Start shaving against the grain if you want a closer shave. You should avoid it though if you have sensitive skin or have concerns regarding skin irritation.

  • Be sure to press the razor lightly against your skin. If you are using a manual blade, you have to rinse it frequently. Use cold water for rinsing. For body groomer, be sure to remove any excess hair from the blades for a perfect shave.

  • Slowly move towards the area between the cheeks. It is hard to see this area, so shaving can be quite tricky here. Get a handheld mirror for a better viewing angle. Lay the mirror on the floor and squat above it. Watch closely in the mirror while you shave.

  • Once you have completed the task, you should rinse any leftover gel with cold water. Using a non-irritating body wash may also be a good idea.

  • Use a clean towel to pat yourself dry. Finish by applying some antiseptic bump treatment to your skin after you have rinsed your body. Leave it there for a while before putting on your clothes. It is okay for it to burn a little. Apply it for a few days after shaving.

  • Do not forget to apply body powder to your butt after shaving to keep you fresh and dry. It will also help prevent itching and chaffing.


Exfoliate Your Butt

Once you know how to shave your butt, you do not need to worry much about nicking yourself. If you still end up doing it, use a styptic pen to help stop bleeding. It is also important to bear in mind that you should consider exfoliating your butt to avoid dealing with skin irritation and ingrown hair. You can do it easily with the help of an exfoliating cloth that will remove dead skin cells quite effectively. Exfoliate in every few days for better results.


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