Double-hung window panes can be removed by sliding the tilt latches towards the center of the pane, pulling the window pane out 90 degrees and raising up one side vertically to free the pivot pins. The process is repeated for the other window pane.

Double-hung windows make cleaning less of a chore as it is easy for homeowners to remove the sashes. Once the two window panes are removed from the frame, owners can clean both sides of the glass before replacing them.
  • Unlock the first window sash. Unlock the sash locks on the bottom window pane. Lift the bottom pane up a few inches.

  • Slide tilt latches in. Slide the tilt latches on either side of the top of the window sash towards the center of the pane.

  • Tilt the window down. Pull outwards on the top of the window pane so that it tilts down 90 degrees.

  • Lift the window sash out. Hold on firmly to either side of the sash. Lift up one side of the window sash to slide the pivot point up and out of the window frame. Pull forward slightly and lift up the other side of the window sash to free from the frame.

  • Repeat on the second window sash. Repeat the process with the top window pane. Remember to unlock the sash and pull it down a few inches before tilting outwards.


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