Smoking is very dangerous to our health; this is something that goes without saying. Even breathing in the smoke coming out of another’s cigarette, which is second-hand smoke, is just as harmful, whether you yourself smoke or not. This impact has alerted many households that actually want to make an effort to prevent the house from smelling like ashtray. Chemicals in tobacco make it very difficult to remove the odor of cigarettes inside a house. Consequently, people suffering from respiratory infections and asthma tend to feel uneasy and become irritated.

How to Remove Cigarette Smell from Home

To remove smoke smells, a full cleaning of the house becomes necessary because nicotine and smoke stick to window screens, interior walls, household carpets and linens; this conclusively traps the odor in the house. By simply utilizing the following steps, your house will be overflowing with fresh air once again.

Clean the Air

Getting as much fresh air as possible is a vital initial step for healthy living, so opening all windows will do you good. Remember, it is just the beginning, that’s why a difference too big won’t be seen, but this will help.

One bowl of white vinegar per room should be set (which helps in deodorizing the room), assuring the safety of pets and children. Similarly, keeping a purifier in the room you spend your time in will most certainly speed up the process of cleaning the air.

Furthermore, boiling orange or lemon peels to fight odors is a traditional method that consistently produces good results. On the other hand, make sure you change the heating systems and filter the air conditioning as well. 


Wipe Walls and Ceilings

Initial cleaning: Rinse and wash surfaces of floors, window screens, ceilings, and other fixtures. Do this with the help of bleach and water. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t neglect the interior surfaces of cabinets and closets in addition to cupboards, basements and drawers that still show a sign of strong smoke odors.

Followup cleaning: After the thorough rinsing and cleaning processes, let surfaces dry and smell them once more. If the smell is gone, you’re good to go. Although the smell of the cleaner may have masked the odor, checking up on the same spots again after a day or two would be a wise move. If it is still there; its undeniable you will need to repaint the walls and, before doing so, applying a sealant will prevent the smell from seeping over the freshly done paint job.

Video--Housecleaning & Home Maintenance: How to Clean Smoke off Walls


Get Rid of Smoke in Carpets

Known for their absorbing properties, carpets usually retain strong cigarette smells. To make it even harder, cleaning a carpet is not easy either. Firstly, use a rug cleaner that is strong in nature, leave it on for as long as you can, and cover all corners and floor edges. Secondly, vacuum the place. After the carpet dries, the smell remains. If the problem persists, contact professionals to take care of deep cleaning. 


Clean Blinds and Drapes

Dry clean or wash the drapes in hot water. First make sure that you have mixed vinegar with it, since it is a natural cleaner and a very efficient neutralizer. Do emphasize on adding vinegar to the water before placing the drapes into the washer. Because it’s a natural bleach, unfortunately, it causes colors to fade; fabrics shouldn’t be soaked for a long time in the solution. 


Don’t Forget Doors, Floors and Cupboards

Use a wood-friendly cleaner to mop the floor carefully with a constant renewal of water. It is recommended to hand scrub floor edges and corners and even follow experts’ advice on wholly eliminating any smell on hardwood floors.


Remove and Clean Clothing

When solving the problem "how to remove cigarette smell from home", this step is of vital importance because you wear clothes on you. At the end of the whole process, make sure even the last piece of clothing is washed and the house is completely odor-free. The following video shows the detailed information on removing smoke from clothes:


Clean Other Items

Additionally, replacing the bulbs will lighten up your choice and buying chemical sponges to remove leftovers from books, lampshades and other significant material seems like a good option.


In Conclusion

The following materials may be required to complete the whole process:

  • White vinegar (keep away from children’s reach)

  • Lemon/orange peels

  • Detergent

  • Dry carpet cleaner (granulated)

  • Carpet shampoo

  • Blow- dryer

  • Paint 


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