Despite our wardrobes bursting at the seams and overflowing with clothes, as busy mums we all suffer from the condition commonly known as “I have nothing to wear!” Find more in your wardrobe with these 8 sure fire ways to rejuvenate your closet and get you out of your trackie-daks!

Part 1


Dress for your lifestyle

If you've been a corporate working woman one day, a pregnant mum-to-be the next and now a stay-at-home-mum, or working mum, your wardrobe is probably suffering from an identity crisis! Dress for your lifestyle. If your work or maternity wear days or are over, or on hold, your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle changes too. Store, or get rid of, the clothes you don't currently need to make way for the ones you do.


Trade your rags for riches

Out with the old and in with the new (or second hand!). If you feel your wardrobe needs some serious updating, but the family budget simply doesn't have a ‘mum's wardrobe upgrade' category, then why not sell your old clothes on eBay and go shopping with the extra cash? You might even nab a bargain while you're at it.


Be honest with yourself

We all have a pair of skyscraper heals, or a pretty, but totally impractical top, that we bought on sale only to have never worn. Be honest with yourself about what you actually wear and what suits you. These ‘decoration' pieces may look great in your wardrobe but serve no functionality. They need to go! Be ruthless and give these bargains another home and make way for the new pair of jeans that you really do need.


Suck it undergarments

They're a little controversial, but Bridget Jones was onto something with her body sucking grandma panties. If you find your baby bod wobbly bits a little too confronting underneath your favourite knit dress, instead of tossing it out head to the Nancy Ganz section at your local department store.


Clothes swap party 

Your friends probably look at their wardrobe in the same way as you do, there's so much there but none of it is wearable! A clothes swap party is a great way to freshen up your wardrobe without spending a cent. Get your girlfriends and old clothes together and have fun rummaging through each other's rejects.


The little touches

Just like a slither of lip gloss, or adding fresh basil to spaghetti bolognaise makes all the difference, it's the small touches that can really spruce up your wardrobe. And, thankfully, one of the easiest and least expensive ways to freshen up your existing clothes is to accessorise. Adding a belt to a favourite jacket can give it a whole new look and a new necklace can make an old scoop-neck tee feel all shiny and new!


Get organised 

This may sound obvious, but sorting your wardrobe into itemised draws with t-shirts in one drawer, shorts in another and so on, will not only freshen the look of your wardrobe, but may also unearth those lost oldie but goodie favourites that you had long forgotten about.


Change your wardrobe with the seasons

Thick jumpers and long woollen tops take up precious space and create clutter in your wardrobe in summer. Store your winter woollies in boxes under the bed until the chilly weather prompts you to pull them out and replace these with your summer shorts and sleeveless tops.


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