Confidence is key in everyone - men and women alike. We are attracted to people who are confident about themselves, and hold themselves with dignity and assurance. However, there are some situations in life that make us lose the confidence we have in us. A bad result in examination, losing your job, failing at something, devastating loss - all these incidents can bring you down and make you feel less confident. And we find ourselves desperately looking for tips on how to regain confidence.

10 Secrets on How to Regain Confidence

If you want to learn how to regain confidence after a period of misfortune, there are some ways that you can try to help yourself.

Give Yourself Sufficient Time

If you have just gone through a particularly tough time in your life to make you feel less confident, give yourself some time before you want to know how to regain confidence. You don't have to immediately get back on the track, but give yourself enough time to recover from your hard luck. You shouldn't try to get on the saddle immediately after failing at something; doing so before you are ready will only increase your chances of failing again. If you find yourself feeling vulnerable and scared after a recent shock, it means that you need some time to gain strength before you try again.


Spend Some Time in Your Comfort Zone

There must be something in your life that you are comfortable with, and a great way to know how to regain confidence will be to spend some time doing what you like. Reading, playing or listening to music, cooking, travelling - spend time doing whatever makes you happy until you feel better about yourself.


Turn Your Thoughts Positive

If you have just gone through something traumatic to lose your confidence, it’s is normal that you might have some negative thoughts about yourself. The first step that you need to take in order to know how to regain confidence would be to turn your thoughts positive. Think positively about yourself and all your actions; tell yourself again and again that you will be able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way in the future. With a positive outlook, you will definitely be able to face whatever comes your way.


Don't Let Your Attitude Be a Sign

If you are too disappointed in the events that have occurred to you and start to give up, the first telltale signs would show on you. Negativity and discontent will make you appear slouched and weak, and anyone who looks at you will be able to tell that you are a defeated person. Once people start to consider you a defeated person, it will be hard for you to learn how to regain confidence; so, try not to show your disappointment on yourself.


Don't Compare Yourself to Others

Another mistake that some people make is to compare themselves to others who are more successful, which adds to the stress inside. Comparing yourself to someone who got the promotion or to someone who got better marks will only make you feel worse about yourself. If you measure yourself based on other people's success, you will never be able to find anything positive about your life. Don’t compare yourself to others; if you have to, compare your journey for the last 5 years, or measure how far you are to your final goal to judge your successes in life.


Appreciate What You Have

Instead of comparing yourself to others and feeling inadequate, appreciate and be thankful for all the things that you have in your life. Appreciate your family for being there for you in tough times, your friends to support you; appreciate all the chances you have got in your life, and all that you have lying ahead for you. Being thankful for everything positive that you have in your life will make you feel better and hopeful.


Don't Stop Taking Risks

Even though you have failed in something that has harmed your confidence, don’t stop trying new things. The moment that you give up experimenting and taking risks is the moment that you give up on life. Therefore, no matter how badly you have failed, you should pick yourself up from you desperation and start again. Keep taking newer and newer risks even when the chances of failure are high, because unless you take risks, you won't ever succeed.


Start with Small Wins

In order to regain your confidence, you should start with smaller resolutions that are both positive and easy for you to accomplish. Start with waking up early every morning, or quitting smoking, or reading a book every week, or something similar that will help you get your confidence back. When you succeed in smaller achievements one after one, they will make you feel better about yourself, and slowly your confidence in yourself will return. Don’t underestimate the power of simple achievements in your life.


Try and Socialize a Lot

People who have recently failed at something tend to escape from the company of others. They prefer to spend time alone by themselves rather than being with their friends and families. This is actually the wrong approach to take; a good way to regain confidence would be with the help and support of your loved ones. Try to socialize as much as you can. Your friends and family would love to support you in your difficult times and you should spend time with them.


Face Your Fears of Failure

The last step for you would be to stand up again and face your fears. Unless you do that, you won't be able to know what the future holds for you. Even if you have failed and lost the confidence in yourself, you need to start planning for your next adventure again. Don't let the failures of your past stop you from trying again; but let them be a lesson for you to go ahead.


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