We all have those days... As we shovel our way through the clothes in our wardrobe mentally labelled: "When I lose a few pounds", "When I finally remember to sew that button on", "Doesn't suit me but it cost me a fortune!" In the end, we just throw on something that doesn't make us feel like us. We walk around trying to avoid catching our eyes on shop windows. We come to realize: "I really need some more clothes!" So, we do the quick clothing dash in our trustee, affordable store. Is the problem really a lack of clothes? 

How to Recreate a Wardrobe on a Budget


Out with the Old, In with the New...

Before you add new things to your dishevelled wardrobe, get rid of the clutter! Your mind will feel clear and you will feel more positive about the task ahead.

You may have heard of the KonMari method. A method which is based on a question: "Does this (item of clothing) spark joy?" If not, get rid of it! I recommend this method because upon completion, the idea is that everything in your wardrobe will make you happy. This means you'll feel good wearing it. You may be surprised by the great outfits you already own! This method will also help you to have a system that keeps your wardrobe organised. Most importantly, though, it will help you let go of clothes that have no purpose left except to clutter your closet.

Ask yourself, "Will I actually end up putting this outfit on eBay, or will it stay here for another year?" "What purpose does this 'top' have? Does it make me feel good?"

"Am I holding onto something because I might fit into it one day?"

This is probably the main cause of a cluttered wardrobe. Keep clothes that are friendly to the body you have now. Respect your body by shopping for clothes that fit properly and flatter your body type. If you feel you need to keep hold of an item for weight loss motivation, keep one outfit separate from your other clothes. Remember, the idea is to be able to pick anything from your wardrobe and it will be ready to wear and you'll feel amazing in it.

The temptation may be to keep more than the needed amount of the "Lounge Clothes", "Housework Clothes" and "Painting Clothes”. While it's true these are important outfits, does this mean you can't feel good in them? Keep one outfit for ”Working in the Mud”, while still staying true to your style with your “Lounge About” clothes.


Find Your Style

An important step before taking the plunge to shop for a new wardrobe is taking time to discover your style. This is an important step if you want to avoid another repeat of our intro. Exercise patience, and do your research. What colours/styles do you look/feel the best in. Who are you, and how can you implement you into your clothes as much as possible. Remember, your clothes say a lot about who you are. Pinterest is a great platform for finding your personal style.


Find Your Wardrobe Style

There are many wardrobe styles to choose from. A personal favourite is the Capsule Wardrobe. Once the Capsule Wardrobe is in full swing, it's a sure way to keep your closet neat and fresh. Basically, it's a wardrobe you can fit in a suitcase, made up of very minimal but very versatile pieces. If you struggle in keeping on top of your closet, this may be the wardrobe style for you. Of course it may not be the closet for shopaholics, unless they would be willing to replace existing clothes with new ones.


The Good News...

The good news is, that whatever wardrobe/personal style you have discovered in your closet makeover journey, it's possible to achieve in any budget. 

Think about each item of clothing you need to start yourself off. Make yourself a list. It's easy to shop around online, find the cheaper options and then try them on in store. Once you know what you want, it may be beneficial to shop online. But be warned, online shopping is an easy way to get sucked in. So, it may require some self discipline, especially if your'e on a budget.

Opportunity shops or Op shops are a great way to find a wide range of clothing for a cheap price. It's even a great place if you're in search of second hand designer clothes. Try to find Op Shops that smell fresh and don't over charge. It's also a good idea to check for holes and stains before purchase. Most Op Shops don't refund but may allow you swap your unwanted purchased clothes for others of the same value if you're not happy with your purchase. Don't be afraid to try on clothes at Op Shops. Most stores wash and steam their clothing. If in doubt, just ask. Better that than ending up with more unwanted clothes to clutter your newly fresh wardrobe.



The most important thing to remember is to not let others dictate your style. Create a wardrobe you're happy with and wear the clothes that reflect who you are.

Have fun!


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