Today you will find the answers you probably have been looking for since you reached puberty. How do you get the girl of your dreams? It may look impossible or you probably have tried everything and concluded that she is out of your league. But pursuing a girl is not as difficult as it seems if you know the following tips.

How to Pursue a Woman


Be honest about your intentions

Do you want a long-term relationship or a casual relationship? A committed long-term relationship is founded on a firm friendship. Start building the foundation by being there for her as a friend. It is also okay for two people to have mutually consented sex and move on. However, playing with a woman’s emotions is wrong. So, both parties should be open and honest about their intentions in the relationship. 


Let her see your true self

You can only be truly happy in a relationship when you and your partner are genuine with each other. If a girl rejects you when she sees the real you, then she is not the right person for you. Find that special someone who will love you as you are. 

What's more, people can tell lies and a fake from far and no one likes to be fooled and lied to. Besides, one lie needs many other lies to complete the story and at last this will lead to a catastrophe. So, be open and sincere to that girl of your dream to win her over. 


Believe in yourself

Confidence is one of the major traits that people look for in a partner. But do differ confidence from arrogance. Confidence is knowing who you are while arrogance is claiming it. Look deep within for attractive qualities in you if you are struggling with confidence. Do not beat yourself up or give others a chance to do so. Walk with an erect posture, speak audibly, and maintain eye contact if you want to give a good first impression.


Communicate effectively

Communication skills are necessary in all types of relationships:

  • One important tip on how to pursue a woman is learning to listen actively, which shows that you value and respect her opinions even if you disagree with her. 

  • Address any misunderstanding politely and calmly via open conversation and avoid making accusations. 

  • Consider your body language, which is a critical communication tool. Keep eye contact, smile, and give undivided attention. Capture unpleasant signs and move on from an undesirable conversation timely.


Explore physical contact carefully

Touching is a great way to show that you are interested in a girl. She may show her interest by touching your back. But if she is not interested or does not like physical flirting, she will evade. Find a way to introduce physical contact like hugging to say hello or goodbye or touching her shoulder to protect her from a passing car. Or you can take her hand if you want to lead her somewhere and practice sitting next to her instead of sitting across. 


Take her out on a date

If you want to get into a serious romantic relationship with a girl, ask her out. You can plan a fancy dinner date or just for a simple date like taking a walk in the park. Dating gives you an opportunity to spend quality time together and move your relationship to the next level. Be aware that asking her out for a date changes your friendship from platonic to romantic.


Find the perfect moment to kiss her

A kiss is a classic way of showing interest and starting a romantic relationship. You can kiss her goodbye after a romantic dinner, any moment that feels right or when she gives cues, consciously or unconsciously, indicating she wants you to kiss her. For instance, she may smile a lot, gaze at you, and bring her face close to you. Do not be embarrassed if you misread the moment. She may not respond to your kiss but she will know your real intentions. She has a chance to consider seriously whether to allow or disallow your advances.


Treat her the same at all times

If you want to learn how to pursue a woman successfully, you get to be consistent. Women value security. So, do not treat her in different ways when alone, with your friends, and with her friends. And do not consider giving her silent treatment when conflicts occur or when she is not talking to you. 

More Tips on Pursuing a Girl

Be self-reliant instead of depending on a girl to take care of all your needs. For instance, join a hiking club or a volunteering group to cure your loneliness.

Go slow on the gifts and flowers until you get to know her well. She may doubt your intentions if you give too much too soon.

Give her a break from messages and phone calls. Calling and sending messages all the time is annoying and a sign of desperation.

Take deep breaths whenever you feel needy or insecure, instead of pestering her to go out with you. 

Invite her to events that you will enjoy with or without her company. This way you will not be too disappointed if she turns down your invitation.

Another tip on learning how to pursue a woman is to avoid making her the center of your life too soon. Women want to be with well-grounded and confident men, so do develop yourself in other aspects of life like career, friendship, sports, etc.

If she turns you down, accept her answer. Insisting on getting a positive response is a big turn off. Besides, she may have said no because she really has other plans and may accept your invitation next time.


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