Many people have a challenge vocalizing their feelings and saying the three simple words, “I love you.” Hence, if you are struggling with the words, you are not alone. It may be too early in your relationship or you lack enough courage to express your love to your man. The good news is that you can express and prove your love through actions. Just treat your man in the same way that you expect to be treated. 

How to Prove You Love Him


Give Him All Your Attention

Men’s brains can only focus on one thing at a time. Your man may think he is not important to you if you do not pay attention to him. Focus solely on him even though you can multitask well. Paying attention shows that he is your priority and that you love him. Maintain eye contact and avoid interrupting when he is talking to you.


Prepare His Favorite Meal

Find out his favorite meal and prepare it even before he asks. This shows that you know him well, especially those small details. If he likes all your meals, try meals with sweet scents like the pumpkin pie. Men are more aroused by sweet scents than other aromas.


Wear His Favorite Dress

Dressing up shows that you still want to dress up for him. Unlike women, men respond to what they see greatly. Wearing a sexy dress sends a message that you want to be with him. Consider wearing a red dress as many men find the color attractive.


Treat Yourself

Take care of yourself by eating healthy, managing stress properly, buying good things, quitting smoking, and exercising. These are not just treats for you but are also a answer to how to prove you love him. By doing this, you send a message that you want to spend a long life with him.


Compliment Him

Men have to fight competitors and keep their women comfortable. Your husband would love to be seen as a handyman, provider, knight in shining armor and problem solver. Tell him that you think of him that way. Compliment him for the simplest things like opening the jam jar.


Encourage Him to Treat Himself

Your husband may struggle with verbalizing his need and don't know how to take care of himself. Encourage him to spend a day playing his favorite games, working on his car, relaxing with his friends, or just sleeping. Your husband will view the time off as a loving reward.


Seek His Advice

Your husband is wired as a problem solver and would want to be important in your world. Seek his advice for issues in your life such as how to ask for a salary raise. By doing this, you show that you value and trust his judgment; and your man feels needed, useful and competent. Need, love, and dependence are intertwined.


Appreciate Little Things

We easily forget to appreciate good deeds as we rush through daily activities. Men also forget to vocalize their needs and feelings. Appreciate your husband for taking kids to school or taking out the trash. Appreciation will boost his attitude and enhance your relationship.


Allow Him to Vent

If your man is frustrated or angry, allow him to vent his emotions without interrupting. Women are good at expressing their emotions especially when angry. A man may not always vent his frustration but when he does, give him time to talk it out. Listen actively and show that you care about his feelings.


Submit to His Choices Occasionally

Men believe that they are in charge in their relationships but in reality women influence most of the decisions. A girl can easily get her man to submit to her wishes. However allowing your man to make some choices is one secret of how to prove you love him. Do not make him feel submissive to your needs because that will destroy his ego.


Give Surprise Gifts

Men enjoy surprises as much as women do. Give him gifts out of the blue instead of waiting for occasions. Give him something he wants. Surprise gifts will make him feel special. Giving is the most obvious expression of love.


Become a Home Maker

Men are attracted to women who are natural home makers. If your man lives alone, organize and arrange his room to show your love. Buy decorations for his walls, organize his kitchen, and arrange his wardrobe. Most importantly, cook his favorite meal to give him a treat.


Honor Your Promises

Keep every promise you make to your man. Keeping your promises on simple things is more significant than keeping big promises. Let him know that he can trust you in difficult times.


Participate in His Favorite Activities

Be willing to go fishing, ride dirt bikes, and play basketball. Take part in the activities he likes doing without him begging to show that you love him so much that you are willing to spend time doing what he enjoys most.


Know the People Who Are Close to Him

If you truly love you man, get to know his family and friends including his annoying best friend. This shows that you are willing go out of your way for him.


Plan the Dates Occasionally

Men are expected to plan dates and they enjoy doing it. However, planning all dates makes them feel imbalanced, so you should take the lead once in a while. Planning a date sends a message that you are willing to break traditions to build your marriage. It will also show that you care about him.


Send Him Random Messages

One secret of how to prove you love him is to send him random texts. Text messages work the same way as surprise gifts. When your husband receives your message, he will know that you are thinking of him and feel loved.


Make Love with Him Often

A man feels close to his girl when she shows that she enjoys having sex with him. Your man will not understand why you do not want to have sex with him. He may think that you do not love him or something is wrong with him. Sex is one of the best ways to show your passion, love, and intimacy.


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