It becomes always unavoidable and bothersome when the mosquitoes are attacking your bare body during the middle of the day or even when you’re asleep. You have to overcome this innate drive and thirst to scratch every bite. So it is better to do preparation before the summer time of the year comes along with a force of mosquitoes. Luckily, there are plenty of measures you can take against mosquito bites. This article gives you comprehensive information on how to prevent mosquito bites.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites


Use Insect Repellent

Most of the mosquito repellents manufactured worldwide, constitutes three core elements:

  • Picaridin

  • DEET

  • Lemon Eucalyptus oil

The effectiveness of these repellents is directly proportional to the quantity of the main element used. But all three main elements may differ in their duration of action and concentration in a repellent. These repellents coat your uncovered areas and make them inedible or unsuitable for biting.

It should be applied as directed at the back of the product and they are largely harmless for children and adults both. Although few exemptions exist:

  • DEET containing repellents are not to be used in infants below age of 6 months.

  • DEET or Picardin are not safe in young children when applied on face or hands.

  • If a child is 3 years or less, use of lemon eucalyptus oil or picardin is not approved.

  • Not to be used on open cuts or wounds or sensitive skin.

  • Keep away from mouth and eyes and spray scarcely over the ears. Apply on the hands first and then on the desired spray rather than directly spraying.

  • If irritation occurs after using, discontinue usage and wash thoroughly with soap and water. Consult your doctor and bring the repellent to your doctor.


Treat Clothing and Outdoor Gear

Fabric and other equipment can also be protected against insects. There are various products available as an insecticide or insect repellent. One such product is Permethrin that can be applied directly to the desired area but directions may differ based on the product. Once bought, label should be checked for specific instructions. Various sports companies manufacture pre-remedied equipment and clothing with permethrin.


Wear Protective Clothing

This may be the fastest remedy when answering how to prevent mosquito bites. In an outdoor environment with mosquitoes, it should be ensured to wear:

  • Full sleeves

  • Full length trousers tucked into socks

  • Bright colours

  • A proper hat covering all of your head along with the nape of the neck

  • Socks


Reduce Mosquitoes Around Your Home

Stagnant water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes and following measures should be taken to keep mosquitoes away from your house:

  • Clear roof pipes and gutters

  • Children’s pools and tubs should be emptied and cleaned if not daily then at least once a week.

  • Water basins for birds should be cleaned once a week

  • Throw away tires and tubes from your yard

  • Flower containers should be emptied or flipped over to prevent water accumulation

  • Fire pit should be cleaned and drained


Avoid Stagnant Waters

Always flush or drain stagnant water vessels or containers. It should be made sure to empty all the water carrier present in your yard or terrace for logged water. Natural reservoirs like ponds are also favorable for their breeding, thus should be avoided.


Sleep Under a Mosquito-Net

Nets are widely used to keep the mosquitoes away. They are designed as such to not let the mosquitoes cross the net but air and wind can easily traverse through. It can be suspended over your bed and made sure its fastened properly to prevent its collapse on you. Free margins or area should be left because mosquitoes can still bite if your skin is in contact with the net. Holes should be mended if present with proper sealants.

Infants smaller than two months of age should be kept safe suited for their crib properly tucked from the sides to prevent the breach of mosquitoes.


Avoid Excessive Heat Exposure

Take measures to maintain optimal body temperature because mosquitoes are thought to be thermophiles; they like warmth. For the same reason, they flourish very well in warm humid climate. Logically, dark colors are heat absorber thus attracting mosquitoes. Favorably, wear light colored clothes.


Avoid Flowery Perfumes

Wearing a scent is acceptable, but specifically one from the nectar of the flowers can be risky. Mosquitoes’ love for flower nectar is equally same as for human bite. Avoid such fragrances.


Avoid Dark Colored Clothing

Why is this on the list of how to prevent mosquito bites? As mentioned already, dark colors should be avoided for a number of reasons. Wear serene and light colors to repel them.


Time Your Outings

Stay in your house when the sun is going down and when it’s beginning to rise because most of the mosquito variants go hunting at that time. Both the times can be enjoyed equally well from the window.


Use Garlic

To prevent mosquito bites, you will have to do something unfavorable. Garlic is proven to keep mosquitoes away and you should use it, if not daily, then at least when you’re going to a place with high infiltration. Keeping it away from the eyes, use powdered garlic or water based garlic judiciously over ankles, wrists, neck, in the rear of the knees and on shoes. Apply very little on your cheeks or face.


Grow Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

If you have garden, you must plant some anti-mosquito plants like mint, basil, catmint, rosemary, yarrow, marigold, vanilla scented geraniums, lemon balm, garlic and citronella. You should plant them strategically at the entrance and scarcely in the whole garden.


Natural Solutions to Repel Mosquitos

Herbal repellents like citronella, vitamin B and tea tree oil are also reported to be effective against mosquitoes but their efficacy is also dependent on the circumstances, skin type and the variant of the mosquito.


Homemade Repellent Recipe

  • Pour 10-25 drops of essential oil like coriander seeds, lavender, citronella and cajeput.

  • Then add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

  • Then an optional 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel

  • Mix them in a vessel and stir to form amalgam. Use few drops over the skin or on clothes.


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